Established in 1980 by noted military historian John Giles, the Western Front Association has grown over the years to more than 6,500 members worldwide.

The WFA has supported many remembrance and research projects, from the renovation of battlefield memorials, to organising care for the veterans, to re-establishing the 11 o'clock two-minute silence at the Cenotaph on 11 November each year.

Activities of The Western Front Association

The WFA is widely regarded as a first-class example of an historical interest group, with some of its members acting as subject-matter experts for TV, publications, tours, and education. In addition to the publication of our two journals, Stand To! and Bulletin we organise many different events for both the public and for our members. We also make available to members some exclusive products, services and discounts in our shopping activities, such as our renowned collection of trench maps. But the thing our members perhaps value highest is the comradeship and network of many others who share a common interest.


The WFA, which is a registered charity in the United Kingdom, is managed by an elected Executive Committee, which is advised by a President and a number of Vice-Presidents.

Individuals become members on payment of a subscription, and they form themselves into branches.

The Association is a registered charity in the UK, and operates to a democratic constitution.

The members of the Executive Committee are subject to annual election (in the case of a Trustee) or reappointment (in the case of an Appointee).

The Committee meets four times per year.

Its activities are subject to the WFA Constitution, and the laws relating to charities in the UK.

All Committee activity is voluntary and unpaid.