Responsible to:

The Chairman and The Board of Trustees

Summary of Role

To support the organisation by developing and implementing an effective marketing strategy to support promotion and membership of the organisation wherever possible, working closely with others on exploring areas of potential growth for the organisation, and to ensure adherence to the organisations constitutional and legal responsibilities.

Specific Tasks

  1. As a member of the Board of Trustees, to take an active part in the development of the organisation in line with its objectives and constitution and to be responsible for leading on, implementation and ongoing review of the marketing strategy.
  2. To look at all aspects of the organisation and in working closely with all trustees suggest and where applicable/possible work together to implement developments for the benefit of the organisation.
  3. To liaise closely with the Press Liaison Trustee to ensure consistency in media handling and opportunities for marketing the organisation.
  4. To liaise closely with the Education Trustees to ensure further development in building networks with educational establishments.
  5. To liaise closely with the Membership Trustee in the production, monitoring and sharing of membership information as a basis for strategy development for the purpose/intention to increase membership and enhance the membership experience and to present these strategies to the Executive Committee on a regular basis.
  6. To ensure that the WFA 'Brand' Strength is maximised at relevant national events by suitable promotional activity and to support Branches to achieve same in Branch and/or Regional Activities.
  7. To advise and recommend any changes to Stationary, Journals, and all other membership/organisation interfaces to the Executive Committee which may strengthen the marketing and raise the profile of the organisation.
  8. To organise WFA presence at appropriate exhibitions/events in accordance with guidelines agreed with the Executive Committee and within any recommended budgetary guidelines.
  9. To provide regular reports on Development matters to Executive Committee meetings.
  10. To provide regular reports/articles for inclusion in The Bulletin/Stand To and Website as required.

Updated November 2010