Responsible to:

The Chairman, The Board of Trustees and the membership, and in the absence of the Chairman to report directly to the Board of Trustees.

Summary of Role

To assist the Chairman in co-ordinating and leading the activities/business of the Board of Trustees and National Executive Committee in order that the objectives of the Organisation are met in accordance with constitutional responsibilities and, within guidelines as required by the Charities Commission and English Law.

Specific Tasks

1. To assist the Chairman in the strategic direction of the organisation by working closely with all National Executive Committee Members.

2. To work closely with the Chairman to ensure a clear and consistent approach in furtherance of the organisation's objectives.

3. To support the Chairman with the day to day management of the organisation through the National Executive Committee.

4. To provide leadership, help, support and encouragement to all levels of the organisation by:

a. Supporting and encouraging the trustees and non trustees on the National Executive Committee

b. Encouraging keen members of the organisation to take on leadership roles in their branches

c. Encouraging members should they so wish, to seek appointment to the National Executive Committee

5. To promote links between the branches of the organisation and the National Executive Committee.


6. To encourage branches to ensure that they extend a friendly, helpful and happy welcome to all, but especially to new and returning members.

7. To act as a point of contact in communication with third parties ensuring feedback through established communication channels to keep the National Executive Committee informed.

8. To act as a point of contact in communication with third parties ensuring communication links are set up accordingly.

9. To seek and encourage liaison with like minded organisations through working closely with the Chairman and respective Executive Committee members as appropriate, in order to advance the profile and membership of the organisation.

10. In the absence of the Chairman, to chair Executive Committee meetings ensuring:

a. that the agenda is followed

b. that decisions are made with due regard to the time available within the meeting

c. timely intervention if topics under discussion are failing to progress, and setting a time limit as agreed by majority

d. any breach of order is raised

e. normal rules of courtesy are applied


Updated November 2010