WFA Calendar


WFA 2017 Calendar (a montage of the photographs)


 Collage of WFA 2017 Calendar Images


The WFA thanks the generosity of the photographers who donated their work to the 2017 Calendar Project.



Nick Stone. He currently has a project on repatriated wooden grave markers. 

Mark Allen. A retired ex-police officer with an interest in the Royal Sussex Regiment. 

Stephen Kerr. He is currently working on a collection of aerial photographs of the Western Front.

Peter Bull. Peter is a keen amateur photographer with a burgeoning interest in the Western Front. 

Paul Reed has lived on the Somme for over a decade. He is an author on the First World War and contributor to TV programmes. 

Andrew Holmes is a solicitor and a keen photographer of the Western Front for over a decade, contributing to several books. 

John White.  A keen photographer and with his wife a long time member of The WFA and attendee of the Wolverhampton Branch.


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