Liverpool Photo Exhibition 

Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace: The Doughboys 1917-18 , will be reaching out to completely new audiences in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Newcastle.

The City of London gave us a marvellous start to our touring programme here in the U.K. and last night the exhibition was formally opened in Liverpool One which is a huge retail complex adjacent to the Albert Dock and Liverpool Museum so it is placed in an area with an immense public footfall. This is a marvellous location and wholly appropriate as it lies at the foot of Chavasse Park which commemorates Dr. Noel Chavasse, who was twice awarded the Victoria Cross. The exhibition will be at this location until the end of June which totally fulfils our intention of allowing ease of access to as many people as possible.


 Liverpool 1


Indeed given the fact that we have now created exhibitions which have been viewed by over five million people in twenty locations in nine countries I think we can claim to have fulfilled the immense vision of the late Prof. Richard Holmes by creating the most international project of the First World War commemorative period.

We are now embarking upon the process of making an application for HLF funding for next year which is already promising to be a busy year as we have already been asked to create an exhibition to be shown during July in the Grand Palais, adjacent to the Champs Elysées. This is an exciting opportunity to reflect our close alliance with France and to consider how one hundred years ago the prospect of peace appeared to nations around the world.

On 2 June we will be opening an especial exhibition in the church of Passendale (Passchendaele) exactly ten years after our first exhibition in 2007: we are honoured to have been invited to return to this immensely significant location and we are very grateful to Flemish authorities and the commune of Zonnebeke for their support.

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