'Tanks in World War One' with Michael Carragher
15 Sep

Branch member Michael returns again and in this presentation will examine whether Tanks were a wonder-weapon squandered by a hide-bound high command, or, rather, over-rated. The talk will trace the emergence of the tank, give a brief overview of types, and examine their performance at the Somme, Third Ypres, Cambrai, the Kaiserschalcht and the Hundred Days, with a tentative evaluation at the end.

Michael has an MA in First World War Studies from the University of Birmingham, and is the author of SAN FAIRY ANN? MOTORCYCLES AND BRITISH VICTORY 1914-1918 and "THE MAN WHO SAVED PARIS": ROGER WEST'S RIDE 1914.



Pearse Street Library, 138 – 144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2
15 Sep 2018 14:00