'Gallipol, A Foot Soldier's First Battle' with Phil Sutcliffe
19 Sep

I'll read excerpts from my father's experiences – touching on the poor London childhood that 'made' the Tommy, then Summer 1914 and the enlistment fever that saw him join up in September, his terrible and even sometimes terribly funny experiences of the trenches at Gallipoli (Suvla Bay, V Beach with the 2/1 Royal Fusiliers), the Somme (including July 1 at Gommecourt with the Kensingtons), and the battle against the Spring Offensive outside Arras (Fampoux, his Company and 2/7 Essex Battalion's fight to the last bullet), his eight months as a POW wandering occupied France and southern Germany, Armistice as viewed from a camp in Lorraine, his long trek back to the French Front (including the bit through a minefield), his homecoming and further adventures during the months through to July, 1919, when he attended and riotously enjoyed the Peace Parade. If there's time. Well, at least a flavour of all that will be attempted

Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, King Edward Sq, Sutton Coldfield, B73 6AB
19 Sep 2020 14:00