June  2017 NEWSLETTER ISSUE no.24


Welcome to the Branch August Newsletter

As you will see, there's been a great deal going on and more to come in the future, In July we had our very own Charles Beresford - taliking on The Forgotten Story of Derbyshire’s Major Role in the Nation’s  Commemoration of the Great War, a very fantastic talk highlighting some unknown facts, and in August the speaker (our own member Alan Atkinson) had to pull out at very short notice due to ill health, we wish Alan as peedy recovery, Si instead of a talk on Propaganda, Our Branch Chairman brought his talk forward talking on the  “ Iraq Inquiry – 1917. The Mesopotamia Campaign was a major defeat for the Imperial Forces – Tony explained  why and the outcome of the subsequent inquiry. Tony, despite having to `burn the midnight oil` to get his presentation finished gave his usual polished performance on a subject about which I am sure few of us knew much about. Also we Offer  congratulations, to our Branch Vice Chair, Mark Macartney, upon his appointment as a Trustee of the Western Front Association.


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Issue 24 – list of contents

1 Meetings and Speakers Calendar
2 Contents Page
3 Personal Note from the Chair
4 Secretary`s Scribbles
5 Letter – Appeal for Information

6 Announcement – Mark Macartney appointed Trustee of WFA. Stand to! and Bulletin back numbers availability

7-20 June Meeting – Rob Thompson – Messines 1917

21-31 July Meeting – Charles Beresford – The Forgotten Role of Derbyshire in the Nation`s Commemoration of The Great War.

32-41 August Meeting – Tony Bolton – Iraq Inquiry 1917 41 Letter - Loos `Big Walk` - 2018

42 Battle of Messines & Tunnelling Company RE – Commemorative Dinner 3rd June

43 Douglas Haig Fellowship – 9th June – Annual Luncheon

44-48 Suffolk Branch Conference – 1917 – Becoming the Senior Partner

49 Armed Forces Day – Retford - 17th June

50 `Forgotten` Great War Hero Honoured in Leicester Worksop Armed Forces Day – June 24th

51-52 Passchendaele Commemoration – Worksop – 29th July

52-53 Road in Warsop renamed after World War One VC Winner

53-57 The Village that Gave its Men to War

57-59 The Chase Project

60-62 Jon Cooksey – The Vest Pocket Kodak – from his talk at the York Conference
62 WFA Branded Goods Advertisement