June  2017 NEWSLETTER ISSUE no.23


Welcome to the Branch June Newsletter

As you will see, there's been a great deal going on and more to come in the future. Last Month we had a fantastic talk on 'The Battle of Kaiserschlacht' by Malcolm Sime. Malcolm's presentation covered the performance of the 66th (2nd East Lancs) Division and the British system of defence in depth on 21 and 22 March 1918, . Looking forward to the next few meetings, why not come along and join us, we are a thriving Branch with over 30 attendees at our meetings, . The article on the Munitions Crisis is also fascinating: did you know that The lack of foresight on the part of the War Office, had been described and this was further shown by its failure to set up a programme authority to study the necessities, possibilities and probabilities of the future. Please do come along to our Meetings at the Labour Club (1st Tuesday of the month) Members of The Western Front Association and non-members are equally welcome to attend - Any new visitors will be assured of a welcoming and friendly atmosphere among a group of like-minded enthusiasts.

You can read about the forthcoming  talk by Branch Member Charles Beresford entitled “'Derbyshire's Forgotten Story” in this June issue of the Chesterfield Newsletter, In his talk Charles will explain  The Forgotten Story of Derbyshire’s Major Role in the Nation’s  Commemoration of the Great War. -. Download the newsletter here on the left of the page. 

There is also a full listing of events for 2017 and much more. See list of contents below. 

Issue 23 – list of contents

1 Meetings and Speakers Calendar

2 Contents Page;

3 Personal Note from the Chair

4 Secretary`s Scribbles

5 -17 April Meeting

17-31 May Meeting

31-34 WFA AGM and Conference

34-36 The Mansfield Tank

37 WFA Branded Goods (advertisement)

38 -39 Book Review - `The Christian Soldier` - review by Peter Hodgkinson

39 -41 The Armies 1917 – Conference Report

41-45 Forthcoming WFA Conferences

45 -49 The Oaks of Vimy

49-52 The Munitions Crisis – part 8

53-56 Machine Gun Tactics – part 1

57 – Iconic Poppy Sculpture at The Silk Mill , Derby

58 & 59 – 7 th Staveley Armed Forces and Veterans Event – 8 th and 9th July – Poolsbrook Country Park