'In Haig's Shadow' by Gary Sheffield
08 Dec


In Haig's Shadow: Major-General Hugo De Pree, his uncle Douglas Haig and the First World War.

Hugo De Pree was the cousin of the better-known Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig. However, De Pree had a distinguished military career in his own right.

Educated at Eton and RMA Woolwich, De Pree grew up alongside Haig, primed for a career as a Regular Officer. He served in the Boer War. He was sent to the Western Front as Chief of Staff of IV Corps. In that role he played a key part in planning the Battle of Cambrai in 1917.

In 1918 De Pree was appointed to command 189 Brigade in 63rd (Royal Naval) Division. His part in the March Retreat showed that he was not a chateau general. In August 1918, he took the morally courageous decision to cancel his Brigade's attack, fearing heavy losses for little gain. He was sacked, but after appealing was appointed to command a brigade of 38th (Welsh) Division, which he commanded with distinction in the last weeks of the War.

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Gary Sheffield is Professor of War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton. He is President of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides and a Vice President of The Western Front Association. He has published widely on the First World War and regularly broadcasts on television and radio as well as contributing to numerous journals, magazines and newspapers.

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