'The British Army in Mesopotamia' with Paul Knight
14 Feb

In this talk Paul Knight will explain why he thinks Mesopotamia – Iraq – was the greatest of the Great War's 'sideshows', being a far more successful campaign despite being overshadowed by both the Gallipoli and Palestine campaigns. He will examine the international dimension as well as technological and tactical developments including a successful amphibious operation; the most successful advance of the war; the most peaceful capture of Baghdad in its history; the most perfectly fought battle of the war; and the role of the most important Orientalist of the war. We will also hear about a young Lieutenant of 9th Royal Warwicks called Bill Slim, who observed how in 1916 General Maude took command of a battered and demoralised army and rebuilt its strength and moral before leading it onto a highly successful campaign. In addition to being an author, Paul is an Army Reserve Major commanding a Royal Signals Squadron.


IMAGE: The Times History of the War, Vol. X p.213 British Gun Boat on the Tigris. (CC) Wikipedia. 

Warwick Arms Hotel, High Street, Warwick, CV34 4AT
14 Feb 2018 19:45