POSTPONED: 'Foot Soldier Sam's Great War - In His Own Words' by Phil Sutcliffe
26 Mar

Caption: British prisoners after the Spring Offensive (Courtesy: IWM)


Because of the present situation, all talks have been postponed
indefinitely and no branch meetings will take place until further notice.


About the talk: Signaller Sam Sutcliffe’s son and editor Phil will read excerpts from his father's WW1 frontline experiences… but first touching on the poor London childhood that, one way or another, "made" the Tommy, then and his September 1914 enlistment… then turning – via a training interlude in Kent – to his terrible and even sometimes terribly funny first battlefield at Gallipoli September 1915-January 1916 (Suvla Bay, and V Beach with the 2/1 Royal Fusiliers), his personal view from the Somme trenches May-September 1916 (including July 1), the 1918 battle against the Spring Offensive outside Arras (Fampoux, his Company and 2/7 Essex Battalion's fight to the last bullet) and his eight months as a starving POW wandering occupied France and southern Germany until Armistice… then his extended homecoming: his long trek back to the French Front (including the bit through a minefield), sojourns in various Allied hospitals, his return to London and his family, and various further aftermath unravellings through to July, 1919, when he attended and riotously enjoyed the Peace Parade. Well, a flavour of all that will be attempted!"

About the speaker: I was born in 1947 when my father was 49, hence the years we span between us. I worked as a journalist until semi-retirement and he asked me to edit his writings which I did, at last, in time to publish the memoir in July, 2014. It needed only a light touch and I can say all the words are his – though not necessarily in his original order.

Royal British Legion Club, Queensway, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent BR5 1DH
26 Mar 2020 19:30