'India’s Great War' a talk by Adam Prime
03 Jul

This talk looks at India’s contribution to the First World War in every sense of the word.  It takes in the huge recruitment boom.  It also looks at Indian soldiers (and their British Officers’) experiences on the Western Front, in Gallipoli, in Mesopotamia and in the Middle East.  Finally, it looks at India itself: and the actions undertaken there to defend the North West Frontier.  Of particular interest, and what is new research uncovered by Adam is Kitchener’s willingness to risk Indian security entirely in order to defeat Germany.  This talk forms part of Adam’s PhD thesis.


Images:  © IWM (Q 70214) and © IWM (Q 79446) An emaciated Indian army soldier who survived the Siege of Kut

The King's Own Regimental Museum, The Lancaster City Museum, Market Square, Lancaster LA1 1HT
03 Jul 2017 19:00