'Dunsterforce' by Dr John Sneddon
09 Dec

Image: Lionel Dunsterville with staff. 

A talk by our very own Chairman:

Dunsterforce is the name give to Britain’s first foray into the murky waters of Special Forces. With the collapse of Russia in 1917 there was a danger that German and Turkish forces would push through the Caucasus and capture the oil fields at Baku and ferment rebellion in Afghanistan attacking and destabilising India. To prevent this Major-General L C Dunsterville and 400 hand-picked combat veterans from the Western Front were sent to the region with pots of gold. Their job was not to fight but to create and train liberation armies of anti-Turk Christain Armenians & Shiite Kurds (Turkey in Sunni) to prevent that happening, promising to support their aspirations to create homelands out of the chaos.

The talk will cover some of the adventures of Dunsterforce, including a look at the Battle of Baku in which 7/N Staffs soldiers fought & died.

Meeting Rooms, 3 Merrial Street, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 2AD
09 Dec 2019 18:30