The Salford Pals by Michael Stedman
16 Oct

Michael explores the social origins of the four Salford Pals battalions of the Lanca-shire Fusiliers, many recruited from notorious slums. He describes the impact of the war in Salford and outlines some of the subsequent actions with their often tragic consequences.

The rapid expansion of the British army after the out break of war in August 1914 caused con-cern for the staff officers responsible for the training and welfare of the men. The vast majority of the recruits were leaving their families and communities for the first time and there was concern for how they would cope. The answer seemed simple; organize them into battalions where they would serve with their brothers, cousins, friends and older relatives. All well and good during training, the crossing to the Western Front and preparation for battle but disastrous when under fire. Whilst many Pals Battalions tell the tale, the Salford Pals were proof that the concept was seriously flawed.

Michael has written the definitive study of the battalion and we look forward to understanding more about his research.

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The photo shows some of the 1st Salford Pals in training at Conway

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16 Oct 2019 19:45