'First Battle of Arras and the Battle of Hamel 1918' a presentation by John Lee
09 Feb

'Perfect Defence, Perfect Attack: Arras and Hamel 1918' with John Lee

This month's presenter is John Lee. His talk will include the First Battle of Arras, 28 March 1918 and the Battle of Hamel, 4 July 1918. 

IMAGES: The Battle of Hamel, Australian and American troops dug in together during the Battle of Hamel. (CC) Australian War Memorial ; Battle of the Drocourt-Queant Line. Dead German soldiers in sunken road that was strongly held by machine guns but was taken by the 4th Division, near Dury, 2 September 1918. Imperial War Museum image Q7030

1st Floor Lecture Room, Lewes Town Hall, Lewes Town Hall, High St, Lewes, BN7 2QS
09 Feb 2018 19:15