'Arras 1917 - The Lost Opportunity' by Jim Smithson

'Arras 1917 - The Lost Opportunity' by Jim Smithson

From 03 June 2017 11:30 until 12:30

At 331 Pershore Road, Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands B5, UK

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In this presentation, Jim  will describe how infantry tactics had improved and how the use of artillery had become a fine art in supporting the men as they attacked.

As the battle developed it become clear that the initial success was followed by a chaotic confusion of command and control and it soon becomes evident that the development of the British Army in April 1917 had reached a point where in the battle of Arras the BEF could stage a successful assault, but there remained major issues in terms of planning and carry out the follow-up phases.

Although the performance of the soldiers carrying the fight is never in doubt, that of many of their commanders is. 

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