In Haig's Shadow: The Letters of Brigadier-General Hugo De Pree and Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig
08 Jun

Hugo De Pree was Douglas Haig's nephew and close friend, and a distinguished army officer in his own right. Recently Professor Gary Sheffield, President of The Western Front Association, has published a selection of De Pree's writings. which among other things, shed light on the Battle of Cambrai; De Pree's sacking and subsequent reinstatement as a brigade commander during the Hundred Days; and the politics involved in writing Haig's authorised biography.

In this talk which will be a 'webinar' via 'zoom' Gary Sheffield will be reassessing Hugo De Pree's career and writings, and discussing his relationship with his famous relative.

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There will be a Q&A session after Gary's presentation. 

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In Haig's Shadow: The Letters of Brigadier-General Hugo De Pree and Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig,
08 Jun 2020 20:00