Home Land War Britain and Allies Order Of Battle For The Somme July - November 1916

Order Of Battle For The Somme July - November 1916

British Expeditionary Force - General Sir Douglas Haig

Fourth Army - General Sir Henry Rawlinson
Reserve/Fifth Army - General Sir Hubert Gough
Third Army- General Sir Edmund H.H. Allenby
II Corps - Lieutenant General C.W.Jacob
III Corps - Lieutenant General Sir W.P. Pulteney
V Corps - Lieutenant General E.A. Fanshawe
VII Corps - Lieutenant General Sir T. d'O Snow
VIII Corps - Lieutenant General Sir A.G. Hunter-Weston
X Corps - Lieutenant General Sir T.L.N. Morland
XIII Corps - Lieutenant General Sir W.N. Congreve
XIV Corps - Lieutenant General The Earl of Cavan
XV Corps - Lieutenant General H.S. Home then Lieutenant General J.P. du Cane
I Anzac - Lieutenant General Sir W.R. Birdwood
Canadian Corps - Lieutenant General the Honourable Sir J. Byng

Guards Division
Major General G.P.T. Feilding
1st Guards Brigade
2/Grenadier Guards
2/Coldstream Guard
3/Coldstream Guards
1/Irish Guards
2nd Guards Brigade
3/Grenadier Guards
1/Coldstream Guards
1/Scots Guards
2/Irish Guards
3rd Guards Brigade
1/Grenadier Guards
4/Grenadier Guards
2/Scots Guards
1/Welch Guards
Pioneers: 4/Coldstream Guards

1st Division
Major General F.P. Strickland
1st Brigade
1/Black Watch
8/Royal Berkshire's
2nd Brigade
2/Royal Sussex
1/Loyal North Lancashire
2/King's Royal Rifle Corps
3rd Brigade
1/South Wales Borderers
2/Royal Minister Fusiliers
Pioneers: 1/6th Welch

2nd Division
Major General W.G. Walker
5th Brigade
17/Royal Fusiliers
24/Royal Fusiliers
2/Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
2/Highland Light Infantry
6th Brigade
2/South Staffordshire's
99th Brigade
22/Royal Fusiliers
23/Royal Fusiliers
1/Royal Berkshires
1/King's Royal Rifle
Pioneers: 10/Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

3rd Division
Major General J.A. Haldane then Major General C.J. Deverell
8th Brigade
2/Royal Scots
8/East Yorkshires
1/Royal Scots Fusilier
7/King's Shropshire Light Infantry
9th Brigade
1/Northumberland Fusiliers
4/Royal Fusiliers
13/King's Regiment
12/West Yorkshires
76th Brigade
8/King's Own
10/Royal Welch
Pioneers: 20/King's Royal Rifle Corps

4th Division
Major General the Honourable W. Lambton
10th Brigade
1/Royal Worcester
1/Royal Irish Fusiliers
2/Royal Dublin Fusiliers
11th Brigade
1/Somerset Light Infantry
1/East Lancashires
1/Rifle Brigade
12th Brigade
1/King's Own
2/Lancashire Fusiliers
2/Duke of Wellington's
Pioneers: 21/West Yorkshires

5th Division
Major General R.B. Stephens
13th Brigade
14/Royal Warwicks
15/Royal Warwicks
2/King's Own Scottish Borderers
1/Royal West Kents
15th Brigade
16/Royal Warwicks
95th Brigade
1/East Surreys
1/Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Pioneers: 1/6 Argyll and Sutherland

6th Division
Major General C. Ross
16th Brigade
1/Buffs (Royal East Kent)
1/King's Shropshire Light Infantry
2/York and Lancaster
18th Brigade
1/West Yorkshires
2/Durham Light Infantry
14/Durham Light Infantry
71st Brigade
2/Sherwood Foresters
Pioneers: 11/Leicesters

7th Division
Major General H.E. Watts
20th Brigade
22nd Brigade
2/Royal Warwicks
2/Royal Irish
1/Royal Welch Fusiliers
91st Brigade
1/South Staffordshires
Pioneers: 24/Manchesters

8th Division
Major General H. Hudson
23rd Brigade
2/West Yorkshires
2/Scots Rifles
24th Brigade
1/Sherwood Foresters
2/East Lancashire's
25th Brigade
2/Royal Berkshire's
1/Royal Irish Rifles
2/Rifle Brigade
Pioneers: 22/Durham Light Infantry

9th (Scottish) Division
Major General W.T. Furse
26th Brigade
8/Black Watch
10/Argyll and Sutherlands
27th Brigade
11/Royal Scots
12/Royal Scots
6/King's Own Scottish Borderers
9/Scottish Rifles
South African Brigade
1/Cape Province
2/Natal & O.F.S.
3/TransvaaI and Rhodesia
Pioneers: 9/Seaforth

11th Division
Lieutenant General Sir C. Woollcombe
32nd Brigade
9/West Yorkshires
6/Green Howards
8/Duke of Wellington's
6/York and Lancaster
33rd Brigade
7/South Staffordshires
9/Sherwood Foresters
34th Brigade
8/Northumberland Fusiliers
9/Lancashire Fusiliers
5/Dorsets, 11/Manchesters
Pioneers: 6/Kast Yorkshires

12th Division
Major General A.B. Scott
35th Brigade
5/Royal Berkshire's
36th Brigade
8/Royal Fusiliers
9/Royal Fusiliers
7/Royal Sussex
37th Brigade
7/East Surreys
6/Royal West Kents
Pioneers: 5/Northamptons

14th (Light) Division
Major General VA. Couper
41st Brigade
7/King's Royal Rifle Corps
8/King's Royal Rifle Corps
7/Rifle Brigade
8/Rifle Brigade
42nd Brigade
5/Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
5/King's Shropshire Light Infantry
9/King's Royal Rifle Corps
9/Rifle Brigade
43 rd Brigade
6/Somerset Light Infantry
6/Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
6/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
10/Durham Light Infantry
Pioneers: 11/King's

15th (Scottish) Division
Major General F.W.N. McCracken
44th Brigade
9/Black Watch
8th/10th Gordons
45th Brigade
13/Royal Scottish
6th/7th Royal Scots Fusiliers
11/Argyll and Sutherlands
46th Brigade
10/Scottish Rifles
7th/8th King's Own Scottish Borderers
10th/11th Highland Light Infantry
12/Highland Light Infantry
Pioneers: 9/Gordons

16th (Irish) Division
Major General W.B. Hickie
47th Brigade
6/Royal Irish
6/Connaught Rangers
8/Royal Munster Fusiliers
48th Brigade
7/Royal Irish Rifles
1/Royal Munster Fusiliers
8/Royal Dublin Fusiliers
9/Royal Dublin Fusiliers
49th Brigade
7/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
8/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
7/Royal Irish Fusiliers
8/Royal Irish Fusiliers
Pioneers: 11/Hampshires

17th Division
Major General T.D. Pilcher (relieved) then Major General P.R. Robertson
50th Brigade
10/West Yorkshires
7/East Yorkshires
7/Green Howards
51st Brigade
8/South Staffordshires
10/Sherwood Foresters
52nd Brigade
9/Northnmberland Fusiliers
10/Lancashire Fusiliers
9/Duke of Wellington's
Pioneers: 7/York and Lancaster

18th (Eastern) Division
Major General F.I. Maxse
53rd Brigade
6/Royal Berkshires
54th Brigade
11/Royal Fusiliers
55th Brigade
8/East Surreys
7/Royal West Kents
Pioneers: 8/Royal Sussex

19th (Western) Division
Major General G.T.M. Bridges
56th Brigade
7/King's Own
7/East Lancashires
7/South Lancashires
7/Loyal North Lancashires
57th Brigade
10/Royal Warwicks
8/North Staffordshires
58th Brigade
9/Royal Welch Fusiliers
Pioneers: 5/South Wales Borderers

20th (Light) Division
Major General W.D. Smith
59th Brigade
10/King's Royal Rifle Corps
11/King's Royal Rifle Corps
10/Rifle Brigade
11/Rifle Brigade
60th Brigade
6/Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
6/King's Shropshire Light Infantry
12/King's Royal Rifle Corps
12/Rifle Brigade
61st Brigade
7/Somerset Light Infantry
7/Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
7/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Pioneers: 11/Durham Light Infantry

21st Division
Major General D.G.M. Campbell
62nd Brigade
12/Northumberland Fusiliers
13/Northumberland Fusiliers
10/Green Howards
63rd Brigade
8/Somerset Light Infantry
10/York and Lancaster
64th Brigade
1/East Yorkshires
9/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
10/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
15/Dnrham Light Infantry
Pioneers: 14/Norrhumberland Fusiliers

23rd Division
Major General J.M. Babington
68th Brigade
10/Northumberland Fusiliers
11/Northumberland Fusiliers
12/Durham Light Infantry
13/Durham Light Infantry
69th Brigade
11/West Yorkshires
8/Green Howards
9/Green Howards
10/Duke of Wellington's
70th Brigade
11/Sherwood Foresters
8/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
8/York and Lancaster
9/York and Lancaster
Pioneers: 9/South Staffordshires

24th Division
Major General J.E. Capper
17th Brigade
1/Royal Fusiliers
12/Royal Fusiliers
3/Rifle Brigade
72nd Brigade
9/East Surreys
8/Royal West Kents
1/North Staffordshires
73rd Brigade
9/Royal Sussex
Pioneers: 12/Sherwood Foresters

25th Division
Major General E.G.T. Bainbridge
7th Brigade
8/Loyal North Lancashires
74th Brigade
1/Lancashire Fusiliers
9/Loyal North Lancashires
2/Royal Irish Rifles
75th Brigade
2/South Lancashires
8/South Lancashires
Pioneers: 6/South Wales Borderers

29th Division
Major General H. de h. de Lisle
86th Brigade
2/Royal Fusiliers
1/Lancashire Fusiliers
1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers
87th Brigade
2/South Wales Borderers
1/King's Own Scottish Borderers
1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
88th Brigade
Royal Newfoundland Regiment
Pioneers: 2/Monmonths

30th Division
Major General J.S.M. Shea
21st Brigade
2/Green Howards
89th Brigade
90th Brigade
2/Royal Scots Fusiliers
Pioneers: 11I/South Lancashires

31st Division
Major General R. Wanless O'Gowan
92nd Brigade
10/East Yorkshires
11/East Yorkshires
12/East Yorkshires
L3/East Yorkshires
93rd Brigade
15/West Yorkshires
16/West Yorkshires
18/West Yorkshires
18/Durham Light Infantry
94th Brigade
1 1/East Lancashires
12/York and Lancaster
13/York and Lancaster
14/York and Lancaster
Pioneers: 12/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

32nd Division
Major General W.H. Rycroft
14th Brigade
19/Laneashire Fusiliers
15/Highland Light Infantry
96th Brigade
16/Northumberland Fusiliers
15/Lancashire Fusiliers
16/Lancashire Fusiliers
2/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
97th Brigade
2/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
16/Highland Light Infantry
17/Highland Light Infantry
Pioneers: 17/Northumberiand Fusiliers

33rd Division
Major General H.J.S. Landon then Major General R.J. Pinney
19th Brigade
20th Royal Fusiliers
2/Royal Welch Fusiliers
5/Scottish Rifles
98th Brigade
1/4th Suffolks
2/Argyll and Sutherlands
100th Brigade
16/King's Royal Rifle Corps
1/9th Highland Light Infantry
Pioneers: 18/Middlesex

34th Division
Major General E.G. Ingouville-Williams (killed) then Major General C.L. Nicholson
101st Brigade
15/Royal Scots
16/Royal Seots
102nd (Tyneside Scottish) Brigade
20/Northumberland Fusiliers
21/Northumberland Fusiliers
22/Northumberland Fusiliers
23/Northumberland Fusiliers
103rd(TynesideIrish) Brigade
24/Northumberland Fusiliers
25/Northumberland Fusiliers
26/Northumberland Fusiliers
27/Northumberland Fusiliers
Pioneers: 18/ Northumberland Fusiliers

35th (Bantam) Division
Major General R.J. Pinney
104th Brigade
17/Lancashire Fusiliers
18/Lancashire Fusiliers
20/Lancashire Fusiliers
105th Brigade
15/Sherwood Foresters
106th Brigade
17/Royal Scots
17/West Yorkshires
19/Durham Light Infantry
18/Highland Light Infantry
Pioneers: 19/Northumberland Fusiliers

36th (Ulster) Division
Major General O.S.W. Nugent
107th Brigade
8/Royal Irish Rifles
9/Royal Irish Rifles
10/Royal Irish Rifles
15/Royal Irish Rifles
108th Brigade
11/Royal Irish Rifles
12/Royal Irish Rifles
13/Royal Irish Rifles
9/Royal Irish Fusiliers
109th Brigade
9/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
10/ Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
11/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
14/Royal Irish Rifles
Pioneers: 16/Royal Irish Rifles

37th Division
Major General S.W. Scrase-Dickens then Major General H.B. Williams
110th Brigade
111th Brigade
10/Royal Fusiliers
13/Royal Fusiliers
13/King's Royal Rifle Corps
13/Rifle Brigade
112th Brigade
11/Royal Warwicks
8/E,ast Lancashires
10/Loyal North Lancashires
Pioneers: 9/North Staffordshires

38th (Welsh) Division
Major General I. Philipps (relieved) then Major General C.G. Blackader
113th Brigade
13/Royal Welch Fusiliers
14/Roval Welch Fusiliers
15/Roval Welch Fusiliers
16/Royal Welch Fusiliers
114th Brigade
115th Brigade
10/South Wales Borderers
11/South Wales Borderers
17/Royal Welch Fusiliers
Pioneers: 19/Welch

39th Division
Major General G. J. Cuthbert
116th Brigade
11/Royal Sussex
12/Royal Sussex
13/Royal Sussex
117th Brigade
16/Sherwood Foresters
17/Sherwood Foresters
17/King's Royal Rifle Corps
16/Rifle Brigade
118th Brigade
1/6th Cheshires
1/lst Cambridgeshires
1/lst Hertfordshires
4th/5th Black Watch
Pioneers: 13/Glosters

41st Division
Major General S.T.B. Lawford
122nd Brigade
12/East Surreys
11/Royal West Kents
18/King's Royal Rifle Corps
123rd Brigade
10/Royal West Kents
20/Durham Light Infantry
124th Brigade
26/Royal Fusiliers
32/Royal Fusiliers
21/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Pioneers: 19/Middlesex

46th (North Midland) Division (T.F.)
Major General Hon. E.J. Montagu-Stuart-Wortley (relieved) then Major General W. Thwaites
137th Brigade
1/5th South Staffordshires
1/6th South Staffordshires
1/5th North Staffordshires
1/6th North Staffordshires
138th Brigade
1/4th Lincolns
1/5th Lincolns
1/4th Leicesters,
1/5th Leicesters
139th Brigade
1/5th Sherwood Foresters
1/6th Sherwood Foresters
1/7th Sherwood Foresters
1/8th Sherwood Foresters
Pioneers: 1/Monmouths

47th (1/2nd London) Division (T.F.)
Major General Sir C. St L. Barter (relieved) then Major General G.K Gorringe
140th Brigade
1/6th Londons (City of London)
1/7th Londons (City of London)
1/8th Londons (Post Office Rifles)
1/15th Londons (Civil Service Rifles)
141st Brigade
1/17th Londons (Poplar and Stepney Rifles)
1/18th Londons (London Irish Rifles)
1/19th Londons (St Pancras)
1/20th Londons (Blackheath and Woolwich)
142nd Brigade
1/21st Londons (1st Surrey Rifles)
1/22nd Londons (The Queen's)
1/23rd Londons
1/24th Londons (The Queen's)
Pioneers: 1/4th Royal Welch Fusiliers

48th Division (South Midland) Division (T.F.)
Major General R. Fanshawe
143rd Brigade
1/5th Royal Warwicks
1/6th Royal Warwicks
1/7th Royal Warwicks
1/8th Royal Warwicks
144th Brigade
1/4th Glosters
1/6th Glosters
1/7th Worcestershire's
1/8th Worcestershire's
145th Brigade
1/5th Glosters
1/4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
1/lst Buckinghamshires
1/4th Royal Berkshires
Pioneers: 1/5th Sussex

49th (West Riding) Division (T.F.)
Major General E.M. Perceval
146th Brigade
1/5th West Yorkshires
1/6th West Yorkshires
1/7th West Yorkshires
1/8th West Yorkshires
147th Brigade
1/4th Duke of Wellington's
1/5th Duke of Wellington's
1/6th Duke of Wellington's
1/7th Duke of Wellington's
148th Brigade
1/4th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
1/5th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
1/4th York and Lancaster
1/5th York and Lancaster
Pioneers: 3/Monmouth (Replaced by 19/Lancashire Fusiliers 6 August)

50th (Northumbrian) Division (T.F.)
Major General PS. Wilkinson
149th Brigade
1/4th Northumberland Fusiliers
1/5th Northumberland Fusiliers
1/6th Northumberland Fusiliers
1/7th Northumberland Fusiliers
150th Brigade
1/4th F.ast Yorkshires
1/4th Green Howards
1/5th Green Howards
1/5th Durham Light Infantry
151st Brigade
1/5th Borders
1/6th Durham Light Infantry
1/8th Durham Light Infantry
1/9th Durham Light Infantry
Pioneers: 1/7th Durham Light Infantry

51st (Highland) Division (T.F.)
Major General G.M. Harper
152nd Brigade
1/5th Seaforths
1/6th Seaforths
1/6th Gordons
1/8th Argyll and Sutherlands
153rd Brigade
1/6th Black Watch
1/7th Black Watch
1/5th Gordons
1/7th Gordons
154th Brigade
1/9th Royal Scots
1/4th Seaforths
1/4th Gordons
1/7th Argyll and Sutherlands
Pioneers: 1/8th Royal Scots

55th (West Lancashire) Division (T.F.)
Major General H.S. Jeudwine
164th Brigade
1/4th King's Own
1/8th King's
2/5th Lancashire Fusiliers
1/4th Loyal North Lancashires
165th Brigade
1/5th King's
1/6th King's
1/7th King's
1/9th King's
166th Brigade
1/5th King's Own
1/10th King's
1/5th South Lancashires
1/5th Loyal North Lancashires
Pioneers: 1/4th South Lancashires

56th (1/lst London) Division (T.F.)
Major General C.P.A. Hull
167th Brigade
1/lst Londons (Royal Fusiliers)
1/3rd Londons (Royal Fusiliers)
1/7th Middlesex
1/8th Middlesex
168th Brigade
1/4th Londons (Royal Fusiliers)
1/12th Londons Rangers
1/13th Londons (Kensington)
1/14th Londons (London Scottish)
169th Brigade
1/2nd Londons (Royal Fusiliers)
1/5th Londons (London Rifle Brigade)
1/9th Londons (Queen Victoria's Rifles)
1/16th London (Queen's Westminster Rifles)
Pioneers: 1/5th Cheshires

63rd (Royal Navy) Division
Major General Sir A. Paris (wounded) then Major General C.D. Shute
188th Brigade
Anson Battalion
Howe Battalion
1/Royal Marine Battalion
2/Royal Marine Battalion
189th Brigade
Hood Batttalion
Nelson Battalion
Hawke Battalion
Drake Battalion
190th Brigade
1/Honourable Artillery Company
7/Royal Fusiliers
10/Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Pioneers: 14/Woreestershires

1st Australian Division
Major General H.B. Walker
1st (New South Wales) Brigade
1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
3rd Battalion
4th Battalion
2nd (Victoria) Brigade
5th Battalion
6th Battalion
7th Battalion
8th Battalion
3rd Brigade
9th (Queensland) Battalion
10th (S Australia) Battalion
11th (W Australia) Battalion
12th (S and W Australia, Tas.) Battalion
Pioneers: 1st Australian Pioneer Battalion

2nd Australian Division
Major General J.G. Legge
5th (New South Wales) Brigade
7th Battalion
18th Battalion
9th Battalion
20th Battalion
6th (Victoria) Brigade
1st Battalion
22nd Battalion
3rd Battalion
24th Battalion
7th Brigade
5th (Queensland) Battalion
6th (Q'land, Tas.) Battalion
7th (S Australia) Battalion
28th (W Australia) Battalion
Pioneers: 2nd Australian Pioneer Battalion

4th Australian Division
Major General Sir H. Cox
4th Brigade
13th (New South Wales) Battalion
14th (Victoria) Battalion
15th (Q'land, Tas.) Battalion
16th (S and W Australia) Battalion
12th Brigade
45th (New South Wales) Battalion
46th (Victoria) Battalion
47th (Q'land, Tas.) Battalion
48th (S and W Australia) Battalion
13th Brigade
49th (Queensland) Battalion
50th (S Australia) Battalion
51st (W Australia) Battalion
52nd (S and W Australia, Tas.) Battalion
Pioneers: 4th Australian Pioneer Battalion

5th Australian Division
Major General the Honourable J.W. McCay
8th Brigade
29th (Victoria) Battalion
30th (New South Wales) Battalion
31st (Q'land, Vie.) Battalion
32nd (S and W Australia) Battalion
14th (New South Wales) Brigade
53rd Battalion
54th Battalion
55th Battalion
56th Battalion
15th (Victoria) Brigade
57th Battalion
58th Battalion
59th Battalion
60th Battalion
Pioneers: 5th Australian Pioneer Battalion

1st Canadian Division
Major General A.W. Currie
1st Brigade
1st (Ontario) Battalion
2nd (East Ontario) Battalion
3rd Battalion (Toronto Regiment)
4th Battalion
2nd Brigade
5th (Western Cavalry) Battalion
7th Battalion (1st British Columbia)
8th Battalion (90th Rifles)
10th Battalion
3rd Brigade
13th Battalion (Royal Highlanders)
14th Battalion (R. Montreal Reg.)
15th Battalion (48th Highlanders)
16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish)
Pioneers: 1st Canadian Pioneer Battalion

2nd Canadian Division
Major General R.E.W. Turner
4th Brigade
18th (W Ontario) Battalion
19th (Central Ontario) Battalion
20th (Central Ontario) Battalion
21st (Eastern Ontario) Battalion
5th Brigade
22nd (Canadian Francais) Battalion
24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles)
25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Rifles)
26th (New Brunswick) Battalion
6th Brigade
27th (City of Winnipeg) Battalion
28th (North-West) Battalion
29th (Vancouver) Battalion
31st (Alberta) Battalion
Pioneers: 2nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion

3rd Canadian Division
Major General L.J. Lipsett
7th Brigade
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
Royal Canadian Regiment
42nd Battalion (Royal Highlanders)
49th (Edmonton) Battalion
8th Brigade
1st Canadian Mounted Rifles
2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles
4th Canadian Mounted Rifles
5th Canadian Mounted Rifles
9th Brigade
43rd Battalion (Cameron Highlanders)
52nd (New Ontario) Battalion
58th Battalion
60th Battalion (Victoria Rifles)
Pioneers: 3rd Canadian Pioneer Battalion

4th Canadian Division
Major General D. Watson
10th Brigade
44th Battalion
46th (S. Saskatchewan) Battalion
47th (British Columbia) Battalion
50th (Calgary) Battalion
11th Brigade
54th (Kootenay) Battalion
75th (Mississauga) Battalion
87th Battalion (Canadian Grenadier Guards)
102nd Battalion
12th Brigade
38th (Ottawa) Battalion
72nd Battalion (Seaforth Highlanders)
73rd Battalion (Royal Highlanders)
78th Battalion (Winnipeg Grenadiers)
Pioneers: 67th Canadian Pioneer Battalion

New Zealand Division
Major General Sir A.H. Russell
1st New Zealand Brigade
2nd New Zealand Brigade
3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade
1/New Zealand Rifle Brigade
2/New Zealand Rifle Brigade
3/New Zealand Rifle Brigade
4/New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Pioneers: New Zealand Pioneer Battalion

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