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British Armies, Corps and Divisions in 1914

The Retreat from Mons ~ 23rd August to 5th September 1914.
Battle of Mons ~ 23rd - 24th August.
Cavalry Division.
I Corps: 1st & 2nd Divisions.
II Corps: 3rd & 5th Divisions.
5th Cavalry Brigade.
19th Infantry Brigade.
Action of Elouges ~ 24th August.
1st & 3rd Cavalry Brigades.
1/Norfolk Regt & 1/Cheshire Regt. (5th Division).
Rearguard Action of Solesmes ~ 25th August.
Cavalry Division.
7th Infantry Brigade (3rd Division).
19th Infantry Brigade.
Affair of Landrecies ~ 25th August.
4th (Guards) Brigade (2nd Division).
Battle of Le Château ~ 26th August.
Cavalry Division.
II Corps: 3rd & 5th Divisions.
4th Divison.
19th Infantry Brigade.
Rearguard Affair of Le Grand Fayt ~ 26th August.
2/Connaught Rangers (5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Division).
Rearguard Affair of Etreux ~ 27th August.
15th Hussars (2 troops) (1st Division).
2/Royal Munster Fusiliers (1st (Guards) Brigade, 1st Division).
* * * * *
In the immediate vicincity.
Remainder of 1st (Guards) Brigade (1st Division).
2/Welch Regiment (3rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Division).
Affair of Cerizy ~ 28th August.
5th Cavalry Brigade.
Affair of Nery ~ 1st September.
1st Cavalry Brigade.
Troops who arrived and were engaged.
1/Middlesex Regiment (19th Infantry Brigade).
Troops who arrived at Nery after the engagement and troops who were in the immediate vicinity.
4th Cavalry Brigade.
Remainder of 19th Infantry Brigade.
4th Division.
Rearguard Action of Crepy en Valois ~ 1st September.
13th Infantry Brigade (5th Division).
Rearguard Action of Villers Cotterets ~ 1st September.
3rd Cavalry Brigade.
4th (Guards) and 6th Infantry Brigades (2nd Division).
The Advance to the Aisne ~ 6th September - 1st October 1914.
Battle of the Marne (1914) ~ 7th-10th September.
Cavalry Division.
Gough's Command.
I Corps: 1st & 2nd Divisions.
II Corps: 3rd & 5th Divisions.
III Corps: 4th Division & 19th Infantry Brigade.
* * * * *
Tactical Incident:
Passage of the Petit Morin
Passage of the Marne.
Battle of the Aisne (1914) ~ 12th-15th September.
Cavalry Division.
Gough's Command.
I Corps: 1st & 2nd Divisions.
II Corps: 3rd & 5th Divisions.
III Corps: 4th Division & 19th Infantry Brigade.
* * * * *
Tactical Incident:
Passage of the Aisne and capture of the Aisne Heights, including the Chemin des Dames.
Action on the Aisne Heights ~ 20th September.
I Corps: 1st Division (plus 18th Infantry Brigade attached from 6th Division) and 2nd Division.
II Corps: 3rd Division.
Action of Chivy ~ 26th September.
I Corps: 1st Division.
The Defence of Antwerp ~ 4th - 10th October, 1914.
Royal Naval Division.
The IV Corps was indirectly concerned with these operations, as the 7th Division (less 21st Infantry Brigade) reached Ghent on 9th October and the 3rd Cavalry Division and 21st Infantry Brigade, 7th Division, arrived at Bruges on the same day.
Operations in Flanders, 1914 ~ 10th October - 22nd November.
Battle of La Bassee (1914) ~ 10th October - 2nd November.
2nd Cavalry Brigade.
II Corps: 3rd and 5th Divisions.
Indian Corps: Lahore (less Sirhind Brigade) and Meerut Divisions and Secunderabad Cavalry Brigade.
Battle of Messines (1914) ~ 12th October - 2nd November.
Cavalry Corps: 1st Cavalry and 2nd Cavalry Divisions.
Ferozepore (7th Indian Infantry) Brigade from Lahore Division.
1/Northumberland Fusiliers,
1/Lincoln Regiment (3rd Division).
2/K.O.S.B., 2/K.O.Y.L.I. (5th Division).
Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars.
London Scottish (14/London Regiment).
2/Essex Regiment, 2/R . Inniskilling Fusiliers (4th Division)
Battle of Armentieres (1914) ~ 13th October - 2nd November.
III Corps: 4th and 6th Divisions (19th Infantry Brigade in 6th).
3/Worcester Regiment (3rd Division).
1/Dorset Regiment (5th Division).
* * * * *
Tactical Incidents:
Capture of Meteren, 4th Division.
The Battles of Ypres (1914) ~ 19th October - 22nd November.
Corps: I and IV.
Divisions: 3rd Cavalry (3), 1st (3), 2nd (3), 3rd (1), 7th (2),
7th Infantry Brigade (less 3/Worcester Regiment) and 9th
(less 1/Norfolk Regiment and 1/Dorset Regiment) of 5th
Division (1), 2/K.O.S.B. and 2/Duke of Wellington's Regiment
of 5th Division (1) and London Scottish (14/London Regiment) (1).
* * * * *
1st Cavalry Division went into the line on 12th November but did
not participate in the Battle.
In the General lists of Battles, the number inside the brackets after the Divisional Number indicates how many individual engagements that Division was involved in.
Battle of Langemarck (1914) ~ 21st - 24th October.
I Corps: 1st and 2nd Divisions.
IV Corps: 3rd Cavalry and 7th Division.
Battle of Gheluvelt ~ 29th - 31st October.
I Corps: 3rd Cavalry, 1st 2nd and 7th Divisions.
Battle of Nonne Bosschen ~ 11th November.
I Corps: 3rd Cavalry, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions.
7th Infantry Brigade (less 3/Worcester Regiment) and
9th Infantry Brigade of 3rd Division.
15th Infantry Brigade (less 1/Norfolk Regiement and
1/Dorset Regiment) of 5th Division.
2/K.O.S.B. and 2/Duke of Wellington's Regiment of
5th Division.
London Scottish (14/London Regiment.


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