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Remember: on this Day The First World War: join the Western Front Association, the premier organisation for study, learning and research into all aspects of The Great War 1914-18, and to understanding more about the phenomenon which shaped the 20th century http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day.html Sat, 25 Oct 2014 13:24:21 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb 25 October 1916 Landsturmann Anton Sedlmayr http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4153-25-october-1916-landsturmann-anton-sedlmayr.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4153-25-october-1916-landsturmann-anton-sedlmayr.html 25 Oct 1916 Landsturmann Anton SedlmayrLandsturmann Anton Sedlmayr, 10 Komp Kgl Bayr Inf Regt König Friedrich August von Sachsen

A shopkeeper from Allenberg, Bavaria, Anton was born on 12 May 1889. A holder of the Iron Cross 2nd Class, Anton fought in the Battle of the Frontiers in 1914 and on the Somme, Artois and in Flanders during 1915 before he was killed near Le Transloy during the Battle of the Somme on 25 October 1916.

He is now buried in the kameradengrab in the German Military Cemetery at St Laurent Blangy.

25 October 1916


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24 October 1914 Sch Jakob Stemmer http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4151-24-october-1914-sch-jakob-stemmer.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4151-24-october-1914-sch-jakob-stemmer.html 24 Oct 1914 Sch Jakob StemmerSch Jakob Stemmer, kk Tiroler Landschützen

Born on 23 January 1887 (location unknown), it has unfortunately not been possible to discover much detail of Jakob's service.

He was killed in action in Galicia on 24 October 1914. Burial location unknown.

24 October 1914


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23 October 1914 Res Franz Xaver Bonauer http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4150-23-october-1914-res-franz-xaver-bonauer.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4150-23-october-1914-res-franz-xaver-bonauer.html 22 Oct 1914 Res Franz Xaver BonauerRes Franz Xaver Bonauer, Kg Bay Res Inf Regt Nr 2

A farmer from Grossaigen, Bavaria, Franz was born in 1886. Recalled into service on 1 August 1914, he participated in the Battle of the Frontiers and the Battle of Arras 1914 before being killed in action near Arras on 23 October 1914.

Franz in buried in the 'kameradengrab' in the German military cemetery at St Laurent Blangy.

23 October 1914


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22 October 1914 Cpl Jean Claude Marie Adrien Thoral http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4137-22-october-1914-cpl-jean-claude-marie-adrien-thoral.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4137-22-october-1914-cpl-jean-claude-marie-adrien-thoral.html 22 Oct 1914 Cpl Jean Claude Marie Adrien Thoral898 Cpl Jean Claude Marie Adrien Thoral, 22e RI.

Born at Pouilly-sous-Charlieu on 18 February 1889, Jean was already serving as a soldier in the 22nd Infantry Regiment at Bourgoin at the time of the outbreak of war. After taking part in the early battles in the Vosges (during which time, he was rapidly promoted to Caporal), he then took part in the actions on the Somme.

He was killed in action near Herleville, Somme on 22 October 1914 and has no known grave.

22 October 1914


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21 October 1916 Serjeant Horace Reeve http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4138-21-october-1916-serjeant-horace-reeve.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4138-21-october-1916-serjeant-horace-reeve.html 21 October 1916 Horace Reeve25148 Serjeant Horace Reeve, 9th Loyal N Lancs.

First cousin of the writer's father, Horace Reeve was the middle of three brothers. Horace was killed in action on 21 October 1916, when her father was only five months old.

The only photos remaining are shown, along with a letter that was written by Horace's father to the writer's grandparents. To the best of anyone's knowledge, sadly, no photos of Horace exist.

Horace is buried at Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt, on the Somme. 

21 October 1916




Horace Reeve grave


H Reeve medals


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20 October 1918 Pvt Byron Webster Thornburg http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4136-20-october-1918-pvt-byron-webster-thornburg.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4136-20-october-1918-pvt-byron-webster-thornburg.html 20 Oct 1918 Pvt Byron Webster ThornburgPvt Byron Webster Thornburg, Section 544 US Ambulance Service (SSU 544)

Born in Marion, Indiana on 5 December 1895, Byron was a student at Indiana University when he enlisted into the University Unit, Ambulance Corps, Section 588 on 21 June 1917. After training at Allantown, Pennsylvania, he was sent overseas in January 1918 and transferred to Section 544. Working in the Oise-Aisne sectors from his arrival onwards, Byron was twice awarded the Croix de Guerre (with silver and bronze stars) from the French Army for bravery.

He was killed in action by shellfire near Gomont on 20 October 1918 and buried in Bagancourt French Cemetery. Byron's remains were repatriated post-war to the IOOF Cemetery, Marion, Indiana.

20 October 1918


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19 October 1918 Inf Max Müller http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4135-2014-10-16-18-58-39.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4135-2014-10-16-18-58-39.html 19 Oct 1918 Inf Max MüllerInf Max Müller, 11 Komp Kgl Bay 20 Inf Regt 'Prinz Franz'

A farmer from Rattenkirchen, Bavaria, Max was born in 1894. He was called into the army in August 1914 but had only seen front-line service since February 1918 when he was sent forward to take part in the German offensives of Spring 1918.

After partaking in actions on the Somme and in the 2nd Battle of the Marne (where he was to earn the Iron Cross 2nd Class), Max was killed in action during defensive operations on the Hunding Stellung on 19 October 1918 and has no known grave.

19 October 1918


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18 October 1914: the 35 fatalities of the 2 York and Lancasters http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4139-18-october-1914-the-35-fatalities-of-the-2-yal.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4139-18-october-1914-the-35-fatalities-of-the-2-yal.html yorks  lancs cap badgeToday we remember a number of casualties from the 2nd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, killed in action in northern France, in and around Beaucamps-Ligny, on 18 October 1914.

2 casualties were identified at the time and 32 were recorded as missing. Of these 32, the remains of 15 have been recently rediscovered (please see The discovery and identification of the Beaucamps-Ligny Fifteen), and 11 of the 15 are now identified. The 15 are to be re-interred on 22 October 2014. The 35th casualty shown below was reported missing at the same time but his date of death is incorrectly recorded as being a few days later.

]]> 3135lish@gmail.com (Editor) Remember: on this day Sat, 18 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 17 October 1916 L/Cpl Frank Sagar http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4134-17-october-1916-lcpl-frank-sagar.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4134-17-october-1916-lcpl-frank-sagar.html 17 Oct 1916 LCpl Frank Sagar17453 L/Cpl Frank Sagar, B Coy 7th Bn East Lancashire Regt.

From Barnoldswick, Yorkshire, Frank was born in 1895. He enlisted into the East Lancs at Nelson , Lancashire in the first weeks of the war and arrived in France with the 7th Battalion on 18 July 1915. After seeing action at Pietre in September 1915, his next major role was in the Battle of the Somme where he fought from its very first day.

Wounded by a gunshot wound in the abdomen during the phase of battle later known as the Battle of the Ancre Heights on 16 October 1916, Frank died in a Casualty Clearing Station at Puchevillers the following day. He is buried in Puchevillers British Cemetery, Somme.

17 October 1916


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16 October 1917 Pte John Giles Stainton http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4133-16-october-1917-pte-john-giles-stainton.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4133-16-october-1917-pte-john-giles-stainton.html 16 Oct 1917 Pte John Giles Stainton20060 Pte John Giles Stainton, 6th Bn Dorsetshire Regt.

Born in Sedburgh, Yorkshire in 1880, John was a pre-war reservist living in Bootle at the time of the outbreak of war. Re-mobilised in Liverpool in August 1914, he served in France and Flanders with the Motorised Transport sections of the Army Service Corps (regimental number CMT/1672) from 5 October 1914. He was transferred to the 6th Dorsets on 24 September 1917 and fought as an infantryman in the 3rd Battle of Ypres.

John was killed in action and posted as missing on 16 October 1917. Having no known grave, he is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial to the Missing, Belgium.

16 October 1917


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