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Remember: on this Day The First World War: join the Western Front Association, the premier organisation for study, learning and research into all aspects of The Great War 1914-18, and to understanding more about the phenomenon which shaped the 20th century http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day.html Mon, 22 Dec 2014 21:58:50 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb 22 December 1916 Pte Harold Stanley Willans http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4318-22-december-1916-pte-harold-stanley-willans.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4318-22-december-1916-pte-harold-stanley-willans.html 22 Dec 1916 Pte Harold Stanley Willans15912 Pte Harold Stanley Willans, 8th Bn East Lancashire Regt

Born in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1890, Harold was living in Nelson, Lancashire at the time of his enlistment. A hat and hosiery shop worker in his civilian life, he enlisted in Burnley into the Burnley Company of the 11th Bn East Lancashire Regiment (Accrington Pals) in September 1914 and, after training, served in Egypt and France.

Wounded at Serre on 1 July 1916, Harold was transferred to the 8th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment following his recovery, with whom he saw action during the Battle of the Ancre.

He was killed in action in the Festubert sector on 22 December 1916 and is buried in Le Touret Military Cemetery, Richebourg l'Avoue, Pas de Calais.

22 December 1916


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21 December 1915 Pte Arthur Gill http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4321-21-december-1915-pte-arthur-gill.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4321-21-december-1915-pte-arthur-gill.html 21 Dec 1915 Pte Arthur Gill18317 Pte Arthur Gill, 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)

Born in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, Arthur was born 9 December 1895 and had a difficult start to life. At the age of 13 his father left the family household resulting in Arthur, his mother and six of his siblings been sent to Dewsbury Workhouse. At the time of enlistment in 1915, at the age of 19, he and the family were living at Low Mills in Ravensthorpe and Arthur was working for Rawdon Briggs & Co.

After a period of training at York and Whitley Bay, Arthur was posted overseas, arriving in France on 20 July 1915, and joining his Battalion in Ypres on 24 July 1915. He remained in the Ypres area during his time with the 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

The Battalion war diaries from the 19 December 1915 state that heavy rifle fire was opened up on their trenches at 5.30am, by the Germans. At about 5.45am the word "Gas" was signalled round and all troops turned out. Gas appears to have been sent to their trenches from the Morteldue Salient and its effects were felt severely on Canal Bank where the battalion was standing to. At 7.00am orders were received to despatch one company to the ramparts near the Menin Gate and they suffered eleven casualties in doing so. A Coy moved up to the Kaaie Salient and suffered two casualties. Heavy artillery fire took place on both sides during the whole of this time and the gas cleared about 8.15am, however many gas shells were still been sent over from the German lines. The firing died down about 9.30am and at this time orders were received to withdraw B Coy from the Menin Gate. During the day, Ypres and all its defences were regularly shelled, with the 1st Battalion losing eleven other ranks killed, twenty-five wounded and several men suffering from gas poisoning. 18 of these casualties were the result of two dug-outs of D Company being blown in.

This final action would seem to be the cause of Arthur's death as Sister M Wharton of the 17th Casualty Clearing Station wrote, on the 20 December to Arthur's mother, Cecilia: "I very much regret having to send you very bad news of your son who was admitted last evening suffering from internal injuries caused by the falling in of a dug out. His condition is most critical. You may rest assured everything will be done that can be done for him. He sends his love and best Christmas wishes."

Sister Wharton wrote again the next day (21 December 1915) to say that Arthur never rallied after his admission and passed away quietly. She went on to inform Cecilia Gill that he would be laid to rest in 17th CCS' Soldier Cemetery during a military funeral. He is still buried there, in what is now the Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. On his headstone is an inscription chosen by his Mother: Cherished Memories of One So Dear are Often Recalled by Silent Tears.

Arthur's other brothers all served their country. 78658 John William Gill was killed on 26 March 1918 age 19, whilst serving with the 22nd Bn Durham Light Infantry on the Somme. Wilfred S Gill died whilst on-board SS Ceramic when it was torpedoed off the Azores in 1942, and Norman Gill survived fighting in Northern France in 1944/45.

Contribution from Chandler Gill


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20 December 1918 Lieut Ulysses Grant Goodwin http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4317-20-december-1918-lieut-ulysses-grant-goodwin.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4317-20-december-1918-lieut-ulysses-grant-goodwin.html 20 Dec 1918 Lieut Ulysses Grant GoodwinLieut Ulysses Grant Goodwin, US Army Medical Reserve Corps

From Monticello, White County, Ulysses was born at Curtisville, Indiana on 24 December 1876. A graduate of Indiana Medical College, he was a physician in his civilian life and enlisted into the Medical Reserve on 25 June 1917.

Commissioned as a Lieutenant, Ulysses worked at the Rockerfeller Institute, New York and at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana throughout his service.

He died of heart failure at Monticello, Indiana on 20 December 1918 and is buried at Curtisville.

20 December 1918


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19 December 1919 Artillerist Karl Ruef http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4316-19-december-1919-artillerist-karl-ruef.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4316-19-december-1919-artillerist-karl-ruef.html 19 Dec 1919 Artillerist Karl RuefArtillerist Karl Rüf, K u K Gebirgs-Artillerie Rgt Nr 14

From Dornbirn, Austria, Karl was born on 1 June 1893. A bank clerk in his civilian life, he enlisted into the army just prior to the outbreak of war and served in Poland until 1915.

Following the outbreak of war against Italy, Karl was transferred to the Italian Front where, engaged in mountain warfare, he spent much of the remainder of the war. He was seriously wounded at the Rolle Pass, Trentino in 1918 and spent the remainder of his life in hospital in Austria.

Karl eventually succumbed to his wounds and died in hospital at Rütte, near Götzis, Austria on 19 December 1919.

19 December 1919


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18 December 1914 Lieutenant Alain Jean Garnier http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4315-18-december-1914-lieutenant-alain-jean-garnier.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4315-18-december-1914-lieutenant-alain-jean-garnier.html 18 Dec 1914 Lieutenant Alain Jean GarnierSous Lieutenant Alain Jean Garnier, 365e R I.

From Charlieu, Loire, Alain was a reserve officer at the time of the outbreak of war. Called back into full time service on 2 August 1914, he initially joined his original unit (the 165e RI) at Verdun before transferring to the newly formed 365e RI (the reserve regiment for the 165e) at Lille.

After taking part in the retreat of the 3rd and 4th Armies following the Battle of the Frontiers, he fought on the Meuse for the remainder of his service, participating in the Battle of the Woevre and the combats on the Mort Homme and at Cumieres in September before the front stabilised into the winter of 1914.

Alain was severely wounded near Mogeville, Meuse on 18 December 1914 and died of his injuries in a Field Ambulance later that day. His burial location is unrecorded.

18 December 1914


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17 December 1915 Pte Syril Tomlinson http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4314-17-december-1915-pte-syril-tomlinson.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4314-17-december-1915-pte-syril-tomlinson.html 17 Dec 1915 Pte Syril Tomlinson1690 Pte Syril Tomlinson, 1 6th Bn Duke of Wellington's (W Riding) Regt.

A book-maker from Ingleton, Yorkshire, Syril was born in October 1894. He enlisted into his local TF battalion, the 6th DoW (West Riding) Regt, as a 17 year old in October 1911 and was called for full time service on 5 August 1914.

After being engaged on home-service duties for the first months of the war, Syril was sent to the Western front and arrived in France on 14 April 1915. After seeing action during the Battle of Aubers Ridge in May 1915, he remained in the Armentieres sector until the summer when his battalion moved to the Ypres Salient. Located in the Pilkem sector, Syril suffered a wounded finger at the beginning of November but returned to duty a few days later.

He was killed by a sniper on 17 December 1915 and is buried in Talana Farm Cemetery, West Flanders.

17 December 1915


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16 December 1918 Pvt Homer Byall http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4313-16-december-1918-pvt-homer-byall.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4313-16-december-1918-pvt-homer-byall.html 16 Dec 1918 Pvt Homer ByallPvt Homer Byall, Squadron B US Army Air Service

Born at Jackson Township, Wells County, Indiana on 4 November 1894, Homer was an adding machine inspector in his civilian life.

He enlisted into the Aero Service of the US Regular Army on 11 March 1918 at Selfridge Field, Mount Clemens, Michigan and served with the AEF with 830 Aero Squadron (a repair squadron) at Latrecey, France. Transferred to 380th Aero Squadron (by now redesignated as 'Squadron B') towards the end of the war, Homer found himself back at Selfridge Field as part of this instructional flying squadron.

He died of disease at Selfridge Field on 16 December 1918 and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Warren, Indiana.

16 December 1918


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15 December 1918 Pte Percy Beaumont Midgley http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4312-15-december-1918-pte-percy-beaumont-midgley.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4312-15-december-1918-pte-percy-beaumont-midgley.html 15 Dec 1918 Pte Percy Beaumont Midgley114275 Pte Percy Beaumont Midgley, 17th Bn King's (Liverpool) Regt.

Born in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire in 1893, Percy was living in Nelson, Lancashire at the time of his enlistment in January 1915. Initially enlisting into the West Riding Regiment (as 18528), he served in France from January 1916 after being transferred to the 27th Bn Northumberland Fusliers (numbered 48116).

With the NF's, Percy fought at the Battle of the Somme and at Arras in 1917 where he was wounded and invalided home. Following his recovery, Percy was transferred to the 17th Bn Liverpool Regiment (114275) in 1918 and remained in the UK until October 1918 when his unit set sail for service in North Russia.

Percy died of pneumonia at Pless in Russia and is now commemorated on the Archangel Memorial.

15 December 1918


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14 December 1916 Pte Harry Walmsley http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4311-14-december-1916-pte-harry-walmsley.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4311-14-december-1916-pte-harry-walmsley.html 14 Dec 1916 Pte Harry Walmsley5992 Pte Harry Walmsley, 1/5th Bn Duke of Wellington's (W Riding) Regt.

Born at Farnhill, Yorkshire in 1893, Harry was employed as a twister in a weaving mill prior to the war. A member of the Kildwick and District Prize Brass Band, he enlisted into the army in January 1916 and was sent to France on 20 June 1916 - just in time to take part in the Battle of the Somme.

He was wounded in the shoulder whilst fighting on the Somme on 20 July 1916 but, after treatment at a base hospital, returned to duty soon afterwards and became employed as an officer's servant at the 49th Divisional Headquarters.

Whilst employed here, Harry fell ill with septic poisoning and was returned to the UK where he underwent treatment in London. Just as there were hopes for a good recovery, he developed pneumonia and died, in London, on 14 December 1916. He is buried in St Andrew's Churchyard, Kildwick, Yorkshire.

14 December 1916


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13 December 1917 Pvt Harry C Long http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4310-13-december-1917-pvt-harry-c-long.html http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-people/remember-on-this-day/4310-13-december-1917-pvt-harry-c-long.html 13 Dec 1917 Pvt Harry C LongPvt Harry C Long, L Troop 7th Cavalry Regiment US Army

Born at Dayton, Pennsylvania on 17 April 1895, Harry was a Locomotive Engineer in his civilian life. He enlisted into the US Army at Fort Thomas, Kentucky on 2 May 1917 and was undergoing training at Fort Bliss, Texas when he was accidentally killed on 13 December 1917.

Harry is buried at Dayton, Pennsylvania.

13 December 1917


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