476578 16 June 1917 Gnr Maurice Chester AtkinsonGnr Maurice Chester Atkinson, 1st Bde CFA

Born in Barnoldswick, Yorkshire in March 1894, Maurice emigrated with his family to British Columbia, Canada in 1910. Employed as a machinist in civilian life, he had also served for 2 years in the Canadian Militia by the time of his enlistment, on 15 November 1915, into the CEF. Soon after enlistment, Maurice arrived in the UK where he underwent training in Willtshire, before being sent to the Western Front in September 1916. Maurice was one of 7 men killed on the Vimy-Farbus railway embankment when a German 5.9in shell hit their dugout during the morning of 16 June 1917. Only two men were extracted from this dugout and the location was later lost.

Consequently, Maurice's name appears on the Vimy Memorial to the Missing.

16 June 1917

Research by David O'Mara

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