The city of Arras had a great variety of ways of commemorating the centenary of the Battle of Arras in April 2017. The most visually stunning of these was the outdoor The Faces of Arras Exhibition . This consisted of photographs and information profiles of 120 people who had been involved in the battle in some way. These were been compiled by the Arras Tourist Information Office and the Carriere Wellington Museum from information sent in from all over the world by relatives of the people shown . The Pictures were displayed on 10 feet high double sided panels which were erected along the pathways of the city in a circular tour commencing at the railway station.

Following the tour, seeing the photographs and reading the personal profiles made the visitors realise just how much of a world war the battle of Arras was. It proved the statement that the Archbishop of Arras made in 1917:

“Arras will be able to brag that it had been defended by all races of the universe”

The exhibition is no longer standing as it ended on May 24th 100 years to the day that the Battle of Arras was officially closed down. The entire set of 120 photographs or 'Totems' as they are described by the French, with text, are availble on the 'Faces of Arras' website. 

 Eyes of Arras


 Exposition Regards de la Battaille d'Arras


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