A display of knitted, crocheted or felt poppies is being organised with which to decorate St George's Memorial Church, Ypres, for Armistice Day.


The plan is for any individuals and/or groups to make poppies in order that a work of art may be created by attaching them to some sort of netting, or gluing them onto green baize, and exhibiting them either inside or outside the Church. They would then be allowed to hang/cascade down the outside of the Bell Tower or perhaps be suspended from the ceiling of The Baptistry. If the take-up is small then they will equally be used to decorate the Church interior.

Valerie Jacques of Leicester & Rutland Branch of The Western Front Association asks members o please support this project in any way that they possibly can.

"It is a wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of St George's Memorial Church. This is the largest memorial in Ypres after The Menin Gate. It would be a fitting way, as 2018 draws to a close, to honour the memory of all those who served in The Great War."

For more information and patterns visit: St George's Memorial Church Armistice Day Poppy Appeal 



FROM UK | emmacrofton@tiscali.co.uk | 07770 808 937

FROM EU | cherryblossom@telenet.be | 0032 57 301555


Valerie Jacques

Secretary - Leicestershire and Rutland Branch

Trustee - Friends of St George's memorial Church Ypres