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February 2012 Upate by David Tattersfield, WFA Development Trustee

david_tattersfieldI am delighted to have this opportunity to provide the monthly update on activities within The Western Front Association. The updates are incorporated into the WFA's website and WFA's eNewsletter each month.

We hope the electronic newsletter will become an increasingly important part of our commitment to keeping members informed of both developments in Great War historical research and within the WFA itself. It is an initiative begun by David Henderson, our Web Editor, and is also part of David's longer term strategy of making full use of 21st century communication technology for the benefit of all WFA members. To join in, please take a look at our range of social media content developed by David on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr. Not forgetting, of course, the WFA's own Forum.

As with our other publications, Stand To! and The Bulletin, the electronic newsletter relies on contributions from WFA members and from other sources. Please submit pieces to David Henderson; they can be long or short, your original research or your local news; they will all be very welcome. Photographs and illustrations, either to accompany pieces, or as contributions in their own right, are also welcome.

The WFA eNewsletter is also a very useful tool to help us achieve our aim of expanding our organisation. To help here, please forward this newsletter to as many friends, family and colleagues as possible with a suggestion that they sign up to it and, as we hope, to  join as members. It only takes a few moments to forward this (see the foot of the newsletter for how to do this) but if all members do this it will help massively in helping to spread the word far and wide. You can also sign up on the home page of the WFA's website.

Increasing the WFA's membership will ensure that our Association not only survives for at least another 31 years, but it will also increase our ability to undertake important projects, particularly those in relation to the Centenary. Some of these projects are coming to fruition and we hope to share some of these with you soon.

We are delighted with the reception we have received to the re-introduction of WFA tours; please keep a look out for updates and details of new tours on the WFA web site.

One aspect we would like to develop further is increasing the strength of the Association's branch network, A very welcome number of new branches have recently opened and this, together with more members going to branch meetings is something we would love to see grow. If you have not been to a branch meeting recently, please do pay a visit. There is a new interactive Branch Location Map on the website which can be used to find your nearest branch. Thanks to a major effort by the Branch Chairmen, we now have most branch meeting programmes for the full year on the web site. Please do not hesitate to contact your local branch chairman for further information of branch meetings.

Finally, and linked to the subject of lectures and talks, we are delighted to provide ‘breaking news'. The WFA is organising what we hope will be the first of a series of national conferences. The first is a joint conference with the National Army Museum in London on The Real War Horses. Then later in the year, we will hold the first of our "President's Conferences", chaired by our new President, Professor Peter Simkins, to be held in Birmingham, UK in November 2012. Details are being finalised and more information will be available via the WFA's website and eNewsletter soon.

David Tattersfield

Developemt Trustee

February 2012

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