11 July 1916 : 604 Sdt. Jean Louis Sylvain Bertrand, 293e Régiment d’Infanterie

Born at St.Jean-de Bruel, Aveyron on 9th May 1876, Jean was a farm labourer in his civilian life.

A married man with one child, he was a reservist at the time of the outbreak of war. Mobilised into full time service during the first week of August 1914, he saw his first action with the 123e R.I. during the Battle of the Marne. This was followed by service on the Aisne front, especially on the Chemin des Dames into 1915 when he transferred to the 293e R.I. With the 293e, he served on the Champagne front and fought in the 2nd Battle of Champagne in September 1915.

In May 1916, Jean’s regiment moved to the Verdun Battle and fought in the horrendous fighting in the Ravin de la Dame, Thaiumont Farm and the Bois de la Caillette through May and June.

He was killed in action near the ‘Douaumont Quarries’ (east of Fleury devant Douaumont) on 11 th July 1916 and has no known grave.

11 July 1916 killed in action.


Research by David O'Mara.



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