7 November 1914 Sdt Claudius Descotes was killed in action on this day

663 Sdt. Claudius Joseph Descotes, 16e R.I.

Joseph was born at Chauffailles, SaƓne-et-Loire on 7th January 1893,

He was living at 33, Quai du Bassin, Roanne, Loire at the time of his enlistment.

Due to embark on his compulsory military service in the October 1914 intake, he was called into service early and was enlisted into the army on 3rd August 1914.

Within a couple of months, he had been promoted to Soldat 1er Cl.

He found himself serving on the frontline in Picardy and Lorraine.

Joseph was killed in action at Xaffervillers, Vosges on 7th November 1914.

He has no known grave.

Claudius Joseph Descotes killed in action 7 November 1914

Research by David O'Mara