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'Could the Battle of the Somme have been won?' a talk given by Professor Stephen Badsey


Professor Stephen Badsey will give an analysis of alternative courses of action for the BEF in the Battle of the Somme 1916. Members of the WFA and non - members are equally welcome. We ask for a modest £4 donation on the door which will include a free raffle ticket.  Any new visitors will be assured of an welcoming and friendly atmosphere among …

'The Battle of the Somme' with Peter Baron


Peter Barton is an author and broadcaster. He has written extensively on the war above and below ground in Flanders and in May 2010 he carried out excavations at Mametz on the Somme which discovered pieces of a Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector. That resulted in an associated television programme, and in 2016 he wrote and fronted the three-p…

'Thiepval 1916' a talk given by Michael Stedman


Thiepval was a strategic position where the Front Line crossed the Ancre then turned sharply southwards. Its defences protected the ridge vital for progression of the assault. Mike Stedman considers the extremely varying results of the British units at this vital objective.  IMAGE: Photograph of an officer lecturing to Northumberland Fusiliers in …

'Comparing The Somme 1916 and Arras' 1917 by Mike Coyle


Mike Coyle - The Battles of the Somme and Arras compared   Mike is an experienced researcher and writer on Military History. His interest in Arras was sparked by the death of a Great Uncle at Arras in May 2017. He was concerned that few know of Arras whilst all know of The Somme. He has visited the Arras Battle sites several times.   A great de…

'A Trip to Switzerland – a little-known aspect of the First World War' by Tony Foster


A Trip to Switzerland – a little-known aspect of the Great War. Tony Foster's talk is on the heart-warming story of the visits by wives and sweethearts to POWs in Switzerland in 1916.  Many will know about the transfer of seriously wounded POWs from both sides to Switzerland for convalescence but few will know the rest of the story. Tony also talk…

'Verdun, 1916, the battle that changed the 20th Century' by Philip Stevens


Verdun, 1916, the battle that changed the 20th Century by Philip Stevens   Verdun remains the longest single battle in history but one of the least understood.  What happened at Verdun and how it affected the British, American, French and German nations for the rest of the war and the rest of the century. Philip is a specialist lecturer and tour…

The Somme: The Epic Battle in the Soldiers’ own Words and Photographs


By Richard van Emden Pen and Sword, 2016, £20.00 hb, £11.99 pb and £15.00 e–book, 355pp, fully illustrated throughout, index. ISBN: 9–781– 473–855–21 2 Review by Barbara Taylor   Richard van Emden is an ‘everyman’ author. He has published many titles that need no repetition here. His work is very popular and it seems that this book is an almo…

The Imperial War Museum Book of the Somme


Book Review by Bob Butcher. It was with a certain feeling of 'We've been here before' that I opened this book, afterall, had not so many already explored the Somme from every angle? Moreover I am not too keen on books consisting largely of personal accounts, valuable though these may be. Nonetheless I had not turned many pages before I became engr…

106: July 2016 Special Edition


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The Somme and Beyond: The BEF on the Western Front 1916-1918


The British Army’s Experience on the Western Front 1916-1918 Written by Peter Simkins ISBN 978 1 78159 312 7 254pp. Maps. Praetorian Press, Barnsley, 2014 WFA members will welcome this book of essays from our President. They are, in effect, a synthesis of a lifetime of deep study of the British Army’s performance on the Western Front. In Everym…

'The French Army on the Somme 1916' with David O'Mara


The French Army on the Somme 1916 by Dave O'Mara The talk covers the lesser known 'French Battle of the Somme' July-December 1916 serving as an introduction to the French participation, almost 50/50 by the end of the battle, in what is usually thought of as a 'British' battle.  The talk begins with brief accounts of 1914 and 1915 (and 1871!) befor…

‘Kingston’s Boy Sailors’ by Nicholas Howgill. Preceded by Branch AGM


Before Nicholas Howgill gives his a talk on Kingston’s boy soldiers the branch will hold its Annual General Meeting. Nick’s talk will look at how young men from an inland town found themselves in the heat of Battle at Jutland, 1916

"Fromelles The Full Story" a talk by Paul Cobb


Paul Cobb tells the full story of Fromelles starting with the action on 19 July 1916, to the discovery of the mass graves at Pheasant Wood and the creation of the Pheasant Wood Military Cemetery. Join us for this fascinating talk. 

'The Battle of the Somme 1916' by Dr Rodney Atwood.


On the 104th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme, Dr Rodney Atwood, will be giving a lecture on this battle which has entered the British collective memory. His talk will be based upon his research of the battle which draws on sources at Churchill College Cambridge, Liddell Hart archives, King's London, the Imperial War museum, and …