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'Battlefield Success' – How the British Army became a war winning weapon with Fraser Skirrow


In January 1917 the 62nd Division went to France – a second line territorial unit, it had no experience of the realities of the Western Front and its first engagements were disastrous. By 1918 it was acknowledged to be one of the most reliable and aggressive units in the army. This talk looks in great detail at how one battalion of the 62nd changed…

ONLINE: 'Fighting Spirit - patrolling and raiding with the West Yorks' by Fraser Skirrow


Captions - Above: painting from Foot Patrol (1916).Below: Fraser Skirrow at the Start Line on the Somme in 2016.     About the talk: Opinion is divided over the role of patrol actions in trench warfare. At the time it was seen as a way of maintaining an aggressive attitude in periods of static warfare. Both contemporary and later accounts ho…