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WFA Chairman’s Tour – Advance to Victory – 5-8 October 2018


This Tour has been sold out. Please go to the Battle Honours Website for similar events such as this.   WFA Chairman’s Tour – Advance to Victory – 5/8 October 2018   Price Per Person: £550:00 per person - £100:00 Deposit (£100:00 Single Supplement)   Hotel: Hotel Beatus, Cambrai - Limited to 25 spaces   Our second 2018 tour is planned …

The Battle of the Sambre 4 November 1918 by Dr. Derek Clayton


Please note: this a change to our originally published programme for 2018 due to Charles Messenger being unavailable. The Battle of the Sambre, 4 November 1918, was a decisive British victory. The battle has, however, been largely neglected by historians: it was the last large-scale, set-piece battle fought by the British Expeditionary Force on th…