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The Final One Hundred Days of the Western Front


Introduction The British involvement in war on the Western Front lasted for 1,294 days: from the 12th of August 1914 - when the first elements of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) arrived in France - until the 11th November 1918, when the Armistice took effect. For each of those days an average of 1,751 men were wounded and 436 died (the latte…

'Not Again! Battle of the Aisne 1918' by Peter Hart


Peter Hart will be giving a talk on the Battle of Aisne, 1918. The Third Battle of the Aisne started in the early morning hours of May 27, 1918. This was when the German army attacked Allied positions at the Chemin des Dames ridge, in the Aisne River region of France. However, the advance eventually stalled. With supply shortages and lack of reserv…