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‘Blood, Rust and Chalk - Uncovering the Loos Salient’ a talk given by Andy Prada.


Join Andy Prada of the Durand Group and other members of the Kent (East) branch of the Western Front Association for a presentation on the Loos Salient. Andy Prada is the Project Manager for the Loos Salient initiative for the Durand Group. 'Engineering the Loos Salient 1915-2018' is an inter-disciplinary study of the look battlefield. The group h…

March Trench Lines


March Trench Lines provided the then latest regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and notified members of that all national and branch events would be either postponed or cancelled, at least until May. The current thinking is that such cancellations are likely to endure through to the summer. Please be advised and check with organisers before attending …