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'Horace Lockwwod Smith Dorrien', a talk given by by Arthur Aston


Smith Dorrien had to fight at Mons almost immediately after taking over for the deceased Grierson. Despite his generalship there and at Le Cateau, he fell foul of the vindicitive Sir John French. Ultimately the ineffective CO of the BEF found a spurious way to sack Smith Dorrien after 2nd Ypres. Arthur Aston considers the loss of this General to…

'The Life of General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien' with Athur Aston


Smith-Dorrien held senior commands in the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) during the First World War. He commanded II Corps at the Battle of Mons, the first major action fought by the BEF, and the Battle of Le Cateau, where he fought a vigorous and successful defensive action contrary to the wishes of the Commander-in-Chief Sir John French, with …

'Halifax, Nova Scotia - The Town That Died' with Arthur Aston


Arthur Aston will give a presentation on the town of Halifax, Nova Scotia in the First World War. Arthur Aston will tell the story of what happened when an ammunition ship exploded with cataclysmic effect across a wide area of the Town. The detonation on 6th December 1917 killing 2,000 and injuring 9,000.