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Pandora’s Box: A History of the Great War


By Jörn Leonhard Harvard University Press, £20.62, 1,104 pp, 10 maps, in page ills, notes and refs, bibliog, index. ISBN: 978–067–454–511–3 At two and a quarter inches thick, with 65 pages of notes and references, a bibliography of some 200 pages and a 35–page index, Pandora’s Box appears daunting. Nevertheless, Jörn Leonhard, Professor History …

'The Men of Wicklow Parish in The Great War' by John Goodman


In 1916 The Wicklow Newsletter published a roll of honour of the 58 men from Wicklow (CoI) Parish that were serving, or had served, up to that point.  This talk will look at these men and explore their stories and what became of them from The Western Front to The Balkans, the war at sea and in east Africa and beyond.  Their experiences highlight…

Marko Gasic: Folly & Malice - Balkans


Marko Gasic was born in 1957 at Ilkley in Yorkshire of Serbian descent (his Serbian Royalist father having had to escape from Tito's Yugoslavia at the end of WWII), and is a renowned broadcaster and a leading commentator on global geopolitics.

The First World War, Vol.1. The Call to Arms by Prof. Sir Hew Strachan


Oxford University press, 2001, £30. ISBN: 0-19- 820877-4  Faced with outstanding reviews of Hew Stachan's book in the Economist, the Daily Telegraph, The Spectator - and by our own President in the Sunday Telegraph - it behoves any lesser reviewer to be cautious when expressing an opinion on this massive new work. But, in reality, the challenge is…

War, Journalism and the Shaping of the 20th Century: The Life and Times of Henry W Nevinson by Angela V. John.


L B Taurus, London & New York. £29.50. 246 pp. 2 appendices. Notes, bibliog. Index. 3 maps, 16 ills. ISBN 1-84511-081-9 Henry Nevinson is now far less well known than his painter son CRW Nevinson whose disturbing images of the Great War have become justly renowned whilst Henry's journalism has been largely forgotten. Angela John’s study of N…

Ep.231- Yugoslavia in the British imagination during the First World War – Dr Samuel Foster


Dr Samuel Foster, Visiting Fellow in the School of History, University of East Anglia, talks about his new book 'Yugoslavia in the British Imagination: Peace, War and Peasants before Tito' from Bloomsbury.  Your browser does not support the audio element. …