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'First Battle of Arras and the Battle of Hamel 1918' a presentation by John Lee


'Perfect Defence, Perfect Attack: Arras and Hamel 1918' with John Lee This month's presenter is John Lee. His talk will include the First Battle of Arras, 28 March 1918 and the Battle of Hamel, 4 July 1918.  IMAGES: The Battle of Hamel, Australian and American troops dug in together during the Battle of Hamel. (CC) Australian War Memorial ; Battl…

'From Cambrai To Victory - The Tank Battles Of 1918' with Lt Col Geoffrey Vesey Holt MBE


Geoffrey Vesey Holt makes a welcome return to the branch to present the third and final part of his trilogy of talks concerning the role of the tank in the First World War. The talk will look at the unique contribution of this revolutionary form of warfare in the final victorious year of the war. It will explore how it was used during battles suc…