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'Sir John Monash and the Battle of Le Hamel, July 1918' talk by Paul Cobb


In this talk Paul Cobb will look at the career of General Monash whose spectacular promotion led him to command the Australian Corps. Monash was highly regarded, and even touted as a possible replacement for Sir Douglas Haig. But was he as good as his reputation now suggests? The second half of this presentation will look at the Battle of Le Hamel…

Paul Cobb: Sir John Monash and the Battle of Hamel


Most ANZAC officers had not seen wartime action before landing in Egypt, Gallipoli, or the Western Front - although a few had served in South Africa. John Monash was one such officer who only knew military service in Australia. However, he had a distinguished civilian career before the war and was determined to have an equally distinguished career …

*** Meeting CANCELLED *** Sir John Monash and the Battle of Le Hamel, 4th July 1918 by Paul Cobb


*** Meeting CANCELLED *** The branch committee have decided to cancel this meeting due to the England football team playing their World Cup Semi-Final on the evening of Wednesday 11th July. Paul Cobb will present this talk as part of our speaker programme in 2019. Paul Cobb first visited the battlefields in 1969 and has been back many times under…