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29 January 1915 Cpt Henri-Joseph Naudan died of his wounds (1)


He was recalled into service at Mende during the first weeks of August 1914. By the end of September, Henri was in action during the Battle of Lorraine - after which he was promoted to Caporal – before moving to Verdun in October. Engaged in the area of Forges and Le Mort-Homme, Henri was grievously wounded at the end of January 1915. He was evacu…

'Verdun, 1916, the battle that changed the 20th Century' by Philip Stevens


Verdun, 1916, the battle that changed the 20th Century by Philip Stevens   Verdun remains the longest single battle in history but one of the least understood.  What happened at Verdun and how it affected the British, American, French and German nations for the rest of the war and the rest of the century. Philip is a specialist lecturer and tour…

'Verdun 1916' by Christina Holstein


On 21 February 1916 the German Fifth Army launched a devastating offensive against French forces at Verdun and set in motion one of the most harrowing and prolonged battles of the Great War. By the time the struggle finished ten months later, over 650,000 men had been killed or wounded or were missing, and the terrible memory of the battle had been…

'The Voie Sacree - the road that saved Verdun' with Roy Larkins


Roy Larkins presents a fascinating look at the Voie Sacree, the road that led to Verdun.

He will look at the transport vehicles used and what it took to keep this life line open. 


IMAGE: Map of the Voie Sacrée France. Luigi Chiesa - Own work Created with GPSVisualizer background Demis and Landsat

Britain in the First World War : Lecture given by John Terraine in 1988


(Lecture given by John Terraine in 1988) The 1914-1918 War was, for Britain, a traumatic experience - hence the emotional reactions to it which continue this day. It was, I am certain, far more traumatic for Britain than for Europeans, and far, far more so than it was for America. It was also far more traumatic for Britain than the Second World Wa…

The Battle of Verdun


Our February meeting will go ahead as a thaw in the snow in the Swindon area is expected on Saturday. Overnight temperatures will fall significantly and if any change is made to the meeting we will update this page at the first opportunity.   Our speaker is Colin Ellender who will talk about the tumultuous Battle of Verdun.   All members and gu…