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'The Aisne Again: May 1918, the Essence of the Blitzkrieg' by David Blanchard


This year marks the centenary of the Battle of the Aisne which opened on 27 May which resulted in the greatest one-day advance on the Western Front since trench warfare began in September 1914. This was a significant battle that also marked the turning point on the Western Front; according to Sidney Rogerson it was the 'Last of the Ebb'. After this…

'The Battle of The Aisne, Chemin des Dames & The French Mutiny' - Talk by Philip Stevens


Philip Stevens is a former army officer and author of The Great War Explained, a beginners guide to the Great War which is now in it’s third edition. An experienced tour guide whom the historian Professor Sir Anthony Seldon writes "...simply brilliant. I have never been on any trip, anywhere with a better informed, more passionate or magnetic spea…

'The Aisne 1918' with David Blanchard


David Blanchard will give a talk on The Battle of the Aisne.     IMAGE: Well-equipped German stormtroopers at the 3rd Battle of the Aisne in May 1918

NEWS: David Tattersfield BBC Graves of Unknown Soldiers


 Rededication to Major Alastair Soutar MC La Ville aux Bois 30 May 2018 The usual quiet and peaceful tranquility of the British cemetery at Jonchery sur Vesle was broken this morning when members of the Soutar family from as far afield as Hong Kong, Canada and New York arrived to attend the rededication of the grave of Major Alastair Soutar MC, R…