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'Albert Ball VC' a talk given by Bill Fulton


Albert Ball was Britain’s first Air Ace of the Great War. In his relatively short fighting career he shot down 44 enemy aircraft. His loss in May 1917 was a huge blow to public morale. Bill Fulton considers the service career of the ‘Baby faced killer’   IMAGE: March 1917, Albert seated in the SE5, A4850. Captain Albert Ball VC DSO MC

‘Oswald Boelcke - Father of Aerial Warfare’ by Bill Fulton


Bill Fulton will be telling the story of the man who established the principles of air-fighting in the Great War, followed not only by his most famous pupil, Manfred von Richthofen ('The Red Baron') but also by Second World War pilots such as Douglas Bader.    Venue: St Philip and St James Parish Hall, Vicarage Road, Whitton, TW2 7BY. Close to …

'Railway Guns in WW1' by Bill Fulton


Bill Fulton will be giving a talk on railway guns of the First World War.     

'The Machine Gun Corps' by Bill Fulton


In the presentation Bill Fulton will be talking about Machine Gun Corps, although it only existed from 1915 to 1922, its nickname of ‘The Suicide Club’ was well-earned. Its 160,000 members served on all fronts and developed the use of machine-guns into a key weapon of the Great War. Bill a well known expert on the MGC who has contributed to such pr…