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'The Treatment of British POWs' by Richard Lloyd


Richard Lloyd was a teacher in Birmingham for over 30 years. As a history teacher in the 1970s he feels privileged to have interviewed First World War veterans including over 30 POWs. This talk is based on those interviews and continued research undertaken at various times ever since. He is a member of the Birmingham branch of the WFA and is their …

033: Winter 1991


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'Fallen Railwaymen' then 'British POWs' by respectively, Barry Kitchener and Richard Lloyd


Two talks to be held at the Cumbria Museum of Military Life, Carlisle Castle.   Barry Kitchener will talk about 'Fallen Railwaymen of the Great War' while Richard Lloyd will give a talk on 'British Prisoners of War.  

A Trip to Switzerland – a little-known aspect of WW1 by Tony Foster


A Trip to Switzerland – a little-known aspect of WW1 Tony’s talk is on the heart-warming story of the visits by wives and sweethearts to POW’s in Switzerland in 1916.  Many will know about the transfer of seriously wounded POW’s from both sides to Switzerland for convalescence but few will know the rest of the story. Tony also talks about his rese…