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‘Ever More Challenged: The British Army 1917’ by Charles Messenger


Charles Messenger served for twenty years as an officer in the Royal Tank Regiment before becoming a fulltime military historian.  He is the author of nearly 40 books.    The British Army spent 1917 finding and putting into practice solutions to the problems that it had identified in 1916. This was not just in France & Flanders, but other fr…

'British, French and German Tank Development' a talk by Charles Messenger.


Charles Messenger will give a talk on British, French and German tank development.  IMAGE: Renault FT tanks being operated by the US Army in France.  IMAGE: German A7V tank at Roye 21 March 1918. 

Panel Debate: 'Passchendaele: A Step Towards Victory or An Unnecessary Failure?


Those taking part in this debate on Passchendaele include: John Lee, Dr Andy Simpson and Charles Messenger. The event will be chaired by WFA Chairman Colin Wagstaff.  PLEASE NOTE: If you have not attended a branch meeting before or not attended for a while then please make sure you contact us as soon as possible to ensure we have your name on the …

"British Army Officer Selection and Training 1914-18" : a talk by Charles Messenger


A rapidly expanding army and heavy casualties meant an ever increasing demand for officers, which traditional sources were soon unable to meet.