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'Chemin des Dames and the French Mutinies 1917' – A talk by Tony Taylor-Neale


Tony Taylor-Neal will be talking about the Chemin des Dames   Requested entrance donation £3 with an optional buffet for £1.50.   IMAGE: The devastated village of Soupir, May 1917. 

'From Private to Major via the Foresters Arms': The life, death and rediscovery of Octavius Darby-Griffith, MC


British visitors to the south of France will often take the A26 'Autoroute des Anglais' out of Calais. Some 140 miles down this autoroute, they will see on a prominent hill to the right the towers of the medieval cathedral at Laon. Some may turn off the autoroute to pay a visit, others will press on towards Rheims and further south. If the opportu…

'Not Again! Battle of the Aisne 1918' by Peter Hart


Peter Hart will be giving a talk on the Battle of Aisne, 1918. The Third Battle of the Aisne started in the early morning hours of May 27, 1918. This was when the German army attacked Allied positions at the Chemin des Dames ridge, in the Aisne River region of France. However, the advance eventually stalled. With supply shortages and lack of reserv…