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'The Battle of Chemin des Dames' a talk given by Peter Ramsden.


This French offensive was the second-largest battle on the western front in 1917. For years it shared with Passchendaele (Ypres 3) a reputation of being the height of futile self-immolation. Modern accounts offer a more balanced perspective. The talk covers the heavily polarised attitudes before the attack was launched, and then describes the battl…

'Chemin des Dames and the French Mutinies 1917' – A talk by Tony Taylor-Neale


Tony Taylor-Neal will be talking about the Chemin des Dames   Requested entrance donation £3 with an optional buffet for £1.50.   IMAGE: The devastated village of Soupir, May 1917. 

'The Battle of The Aisne, Chemin des Dames & The French Mutiny' - Talk by Philip Stevens


Philip Stevens is a former army officer and author of The Great War Explained, a beginners guide to the Great War which is now in it’s third edition. An experienced tour guide whom the historian Professor Sir Anthony Seldon writes "...simply brilliant. I have never been on any trip, anywhere with a better informed, more passionate or magnetic spea…