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'The Battle of Verdun' a talk given by Christina Holstein


Christina Holstein is a multilingual historian who, whilst resident in Luxembourg,  developed her interest in the Battle of Verdun. She researched with local people and with German historians and researchers and has published four books on the Battle of Verdun as well as leading battlefield tours.   The East London Branch of The WFA meets at 7.45…

'Verdun' a talk given by Christina Holstein


Author and historian with a special interest in Verdun will be giving this presentation. IMAGES: Christina Holstein French long gun battery overrun by German forces. Postcard from 1916. Public Domain. 

'Lieutenant-Colonel Emile Driant, first hero of Verdun' by Christina Holstein


Christina Holstein will give a presentation on Lieutenant-Colonel Emile Driant.  Born in 1855, Emile was the first high-ranking casualty of the Battle of Verdun. Educated at a military academy he was an officer at the age of 22. He 1906 he resigned his commission, for reason Christina Holstein is certain to explain. He became a journalist and go…