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'A hundred Years On: Lt E A Mackintosh, 1/5th Seaforth Highlanders: Student, Soldier and Poet' a talk by Colin Campbell


Colin Campbell will be giving a presentation on Lt E A Mackintosh of the 1/5th Seaforth Highlanders. He was born in Brighton in 1893, and died on 21 November 1917 age 24.    Lieutenant Ewart Alan Mackintosh MC   Images: Lt E A Mackintosh 5th Seaforth Highlanders march out of Bedford Modern School on their way back from Church Parade.   

'Can't Shoot a Man with a Cold' Lt. E. A. Mackintosh MC' a talk by Colin Campbell


Colin Campbell the author with Rosalind Campbell of 'Can't shoot a man with a cold: Lt. E. Alan Mackintosh mc 1893-1917 Poet of the Highland Division' will be giving the presentation. Glasgow meetings take place in the Unitarian Church Centre on Berkeley Street in the Worship Room on the ground floor.