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'Der Tag! German Spring Offensive 21st March 1918' by Clive Harris


  The German Spring Offensive is often remembered for large swathes of ground being captures after years of stalemate on the Western Front but was that true? More importantly was it relevant to the progress of the war? This talk will weigh up both the British and German plans actions and outcomes on the first day of the fighting to discover th…

The Last Naval Hero: The extraordinary story of David, 1st Earl Beatty by Roy Smart


Blessed with the Nelson touch, an matinee-idol image, and a ruthless and charismatic personality, Beatty rose with meteoric speed from Cadet to First Sea Lord and to Statesman. This talk discusses his rapidly increasing fame and fortune, his marriage to an opulent, hedonistic American socialite, Ethel, and his role as a national hero. It examines h…