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'Wilfred Owen and Beyond' : 26 - 28 October


The conference will run from 1 p.m. on Friday 26 October until 12.45 p.m. on Sunday 28 October and there will be five panel sessions, each accommodating the delivery of three twenty-minute papers and a half-hour discussion period (the programme may still be updated before the event). The conference is being held at Wolfson College, Linton Road, Ox…

PODCAST : "A conscientious objector with a very seared conscience” + 'Wilfred Owen and Beyond' 26 - 28 October 2018


Dr Kate Kennedy, the organiser of the forthcoming Wilfred Owen conference at Wolfson College, Oxford gives a fascinating interview with Dr Tom Thorpe in a recent 'Mentioned in Dispatches' podcast during which she sums up Owens life from early years and influences, through the First World War and key influencers such as Siegfried Sassoon until his d…