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'Dunsterforce' by Dr John Sneddon


Image: Lionel Dunsterville with staff.  A talk by our very own Chairman: Dunsterforce is the name give to Britain’s first foray into the murky waters of Special Forces. With the collapse of Russia in 1917 there was a danger that German and Turkish forces would push through the Caucasus and capture the oil fields at Baku and ferment rebellion in A…

Lewes Casualties : September 1918 and the impact of 'Spanish Flu'


  September 1918 brought a further 14 Lewes casualties, 10 on the Western Front where the arrival of the Americans had helped change the balance of forces firmly towards the Allied side and four others, one from Baku on the Caspian Sea, one from a submarine attack off Brittany, one the result of tuberculosis and one from influenza. Private Albert…