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'East Africa Campaign in Kenya 1914' a talk by Kevin Patience


Kevin Patience will give a talk on the East Africa Campaign in Kenya. We meet at 20:00 at the War Memorial Pavilion. 

'The Royal Naval Air Service' a talk by Phil Tomaselli


The Royal Naval Air Service, the air arm of the Royal Navy, came into existence in July 1914. The early RNAS pioneers first flew off ships, they developed the first proper bombers, shot down the first Zeppelin, hunted German cruisers in East Africa and flew fighters over the trenches alongside the Royal Flying Corps. The two were merged as the RAF…

The War in Kenya & East Africa - Kevin Patience


The War in Kenya & East Africa - Kevin Patience   The absorbing story of the attempts to defeat the German Forces led by Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck who successfully managed a campaign of battles and guerrilla actions to divert British Forces away from the Western Front.  The German forces only formally surrendering on the 25th November 1918.   W…