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'The Russian Front' a talk by Phil Tomaseli


Phil Tomaseli will give a talk on the Russian front. We meet at the Drill Hall, Leros TA Centre, Sturry Road, Canterbury, CT1 1HR at 7:00pm for 7:00pm meetings. 

'Austro Hungarian War 1914-18. The Great Debacle' by Graham Kemp


Graham Kemp Austro Hungarian War 1914-18.  The Great Debacle A new talk by our Branch Chairman and Graham's talks are always informative and invariably humour plays its part. The story starts in 1914 with the breath-taking arrogance and incompetence of AH army, from which it only gets worse.  Only the equally incompetent actions of her enemies w…

'Memories of Austro Hungary' with Andrew Brooks


Andrew Brooks Austro Hungarian Memorabilia   Andrew Brooks our erstwhile Chairman will be presenting a selection of memorabilia from Austro Hungaryian Front.  This is intended to complement the February talk by Graham Kemp; Austro Hungarian War 1914-18 - The Great Debacle.   IMAGE: Austro-Hungarian Rations courtesy of ‘Rations of the Age of Emp…

Malaria in the Great War


A 1946 map by kind permission of the World Health Organisation)   Malaria in the Great War by Dr David Payne (This article first appeared in Stand To! No.77 September 2006 pp5 - 8)   Introduction Throughout history pestilence has been the cause of the majority of the casualties of war. In general, the Great War proved to be an exception, wi…

12 May 1915: Musk Josef Abberger, 4 Komp Lehr Infanterie Regt.


From Burladingen, Baden, Josef was born on 22 August 1893. Already a serving soldier at the outbreak of war, he transferred to the newly expanded Lehr Infantry Regiment at Potsdam in early 1914 and first saw action at Namur during the invasion of Belgium in August 1914. After moving to the Eastern Front, Josef fought at the 1st Battle of the Masur…

January 2020


The Brusilov Offensive of 1916   General Aleksei Brusilov (1853-1926) who gave his name to the Brusilov Offensive was, like Douglas Haig an aristocratic cavalry officer. The Brusilov Offensive of 1916 took place on the Eastern Front and was the only battle in the Great War named after a general.  The offensive which lasted from June 4th 1916 to …

The Contemptible Little Army, 1914 -1918


By Alex Saunt   The story of the expansion and development of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) 1914-1918 and how the Contemptible Little Army became a huge, effective machine.   BEF AND THE START The possible conception: In 1904 King Edward, having decided our pretty frosty relationship with France should be improved, went to Paris with the…