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CENTENARY CONFERENCE: 'The End of War and the Reshaping of a Century' : 6 September 1918


‘The End of the War and The Reshaping of a Century’ 6th - 8th September 2018 As well as The Western Front Association, ‘The End of the War and the Re-Shaping of a Century’ has been developed collaboratively with heritage agencies, museums, art galleries, funders, schools and community groups involved in First World War research, remembrance and…

'The End in SIght' by Colin Halton


Colin Halton will be giving a talk on the final weeks of the First World War.    

1 May: 'The British Army and the End of the First World War' by Jonathan Boff


The Talk Dr Jonathan Boff will discuss the transformation undergone by the British army during the First World War and the role it played in the defeat of Germany.  This talk is free and open to all, but attendees are asked to register in advance via this link. Venue:  National Army Museum, London.   Timings1730 Doors Open1800 Talk1900 Wine R…

How the War Ended by Sir Hew Strachan


In the first half of 1918 the Germans launched five offensives in the west, and by July the German empire was at its greatest ever extent. With the US entry to the war, the allies know they could win if they could hold out long enough.  They might win the war in 1919, or at worst in 1920.  In the event the Germans signed an armistice on 11 Novemb…